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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Disney makes dreams more expensive

Por sumily

For those who were thinking of visiting Walt Disney World or Disneyland during the next vacation, they should reconsider, as company officials determined to raise entrance fees to their amusement parks in Orlando and Anaheim. According to them, Disneyland has become a luxury that only upper-middle class and rich people can afford. To which the Internet users reproach that that was not the dream of Walt.In 2015, Disney introduced flexible pricing in the parks of the United States as part of an incentive for those visiting during less crowded times. Each month is divided into days of fewer visits, normal and maximum with an 8-11 month calendar available online, with the aim of avoiding overcrowding during the peak activity hours of the theme parks

Plans to visit the happiest place in the world would greatly affect people's economy after the recent announcement that ticket prices for Walt Disney World in Orlando and Disneyland in California will rise, company officials announced on Sunday.

On days with fewer visitors to parks or the well-known off season, entry to Magic Kingdom will cost $ 109 for adults and $ 103 for children, which represents an increase of $ 2. During peak days, park visitors will pay $ 4 more with prices that will go up to 119 for adults and $ 113 for children. Prices for high season days will be 129 for adults and $ 123 for children.

In the case of Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom, one low season day tickets will be $ 102 for adults and 96 for children, with an increase of $ 2 for both. On normal days, the price for adults will be $ 114 and $ 108 for children, while tickets on busier days jump to $ 122 and $ 116, respectively for adults and children.

At Disneyland, the price of admission to the park in Anaheim, California, will increase to $ 117, an increase of $ 7. A one-day ticket during peak periods will increase to $ 135, an increase of $ 11. And the ticket for the lowest demand days stays at 97 dollars. The prices of annual passes for Floridians have also changed. All changes in prices can be consulted on the websites of the parks.

Also, for California residents, the increase in annual pass prices will be 18%, one of the largest increases announced, which depending on the services included could reach $ 1,000. However, Californians can buy a cheaper pass for $ 369, except most weekends, almost the entire summer and Christmas season.

In a statement to the press to publicize the changes, Disney said they are fully aware of the importance for guests to have memories of the theme parks. In the same way, he assured that they will continue to work on prices in a way that will provide people with a range of options that fit the budget of each person and help to distribute assistance better during the year, so they can enjoy to the fullest these visits.