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Monday, February 19, 2018

He is determined to change the luck of the Cleveland Indians


Francisco Lindor, who currently plays for the Cleveland Indians, with whom he made his MLB debut on June 14, 2015, and also participated with the Puerto Rican national team in the 2017 World Baseball Classic (WBC), has robbed some smiles with a new change of look aimed at starting the season all committed and resolute about his Indians 2018 season.

Francisco Lindor generated many smiles and looks when he entered the clubhouse of the Indians with a short haircut and dyed white that reminds the singer of R & B Sisqo, according to an ESPN report. The Puerto Rican player said he is especially motivated to raise his game after the team's disappointing end last season. The Indians got 22 consecutive victories between August and September and were one of three teams in the Major Leagues to reach 100 wins.

But they fell to the New York Yankees in five games at the AL Division Series, a year after losing the World Series to the Chicago Cubs in seven games. Too close to be true, they’d say. "I want to finish the task", Lindor affirmed. "We were ahead 3-1 (against the Cubs) and we lost. We were up 2-0 (against the Yankees) and we lost. I want to finish things. I want to improve my batting, my run of bases and my fielding. I definitely feel like I disappointed many of the pitchers last year, not by making mistakes, but failing to catch some balls. The pitchers work as hard as they can, and when they function accordingly and I do not help them, it’s just not right”, said Mr. Smile in a more serious note.

Lindor, who turned 24 in November, set a Major League record for an ambidextrous shortstop with 33 homers last season. He became the first shortstop with 23 years or less with 30 homers in a season since 1999, when Alex Rodriguez scored 42 for the Seattle Mariners. Lindor also led all the American League shortstops with 842 OPS and came second behind Elvis Andrus of Texas in that position in hits connected and runs scored.

However, Lindor batted just 111 (2-in-18) against the Yankees in the ALDS, and the Indians' offense disappeared after taking a 2-0 lead in the series. The Puerto Rican knows it: "There are no excuses. We were nine innings away from moving forward. I could not connect hits. I barely got (two) hits in the whole series, and that's not the way it should be. I could not produce. I could not help my team''. And as any player who recognizes that losing is also part of the game, Lindor decided to make a change with a new hairstyle before going to spring training.

Media acknowledged it was his sister and his barber who helped him through the process. "I just wanted to cut him off, and then I thought, 'Dad, I want to look like you.' He liked it, and he said, 'Finally.' '' So, now the Cleveland Indians know that Lindor is all about fighting from the very beginning. He set the mood ‘on fire’.