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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Melania Trump challenges traditions

Por nelisuarezfonseca

The First Lady broke with an old tradition when she arrived alone at the address of the State of the Union of her husband. His office told reporters that it was because he was accompanying the special guests of honor of the White House. But speculation has increased over a gap between her and President Donald Trump. They have not been seen together since they reported that he paid a porn star not to talk about his alleged romance.

The tycoon and president denies having had a love affair, but several sources claim that he would have paid Stormy Daniels $ 130,000 (£ 107,000) for keeping silent about a supposed extramarital bond for a year, which, of course, would have enraged the lady Trump, say the American media.

Donald Trump's predecessors, - both Barack Obama and George W. Bush - came with their wives for every State of the Union address they delivered, as did the current president last year in his first speech to Congress. But on Tuesday night, Mrs. Trump arrived separately, to be greeted with warm applause while accompanying special guests of honor. She smiled and exchanged a wave with her husband as she appeared.

The first lady's communication director, Stephanie Grisham, said that Mrs. Trump was not traveling with her husband because she was "honoring her guests for the true heroes they are." "In addition to having an opportunity for reception and photography at the White House for them, along with her friends and family, she accompanies them to the Capitol," said Ms. Grisham in a statement. "Once there, the first lady and [second lady Karen] Pence will organize a more intimate meeting to relate to them on a personal level before the speech." However, that did not stop the speculation that the relationship between Mrs. Trump and her husband had soured. His choice of attire also attracted attention, and some suggested that it was an allusion to the election color of the female suffrage movement in the early twentieth century. And the first Lady is still in the news. Apparently she wants to follow in her husband's footsteps.