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Friday, February 23, 2018

Neymar-Mbappe: new genius in the field

Por Jack Leyva

When last summer signing-up market ended, everyone was expecting to see Kylian Sanmi Mbappé Lottin and Neymar da Silva Santos Junior together. It did not take long. The rising stars of the PSG shook hands and hugged each other at training and afterwards, they have worked together in the exhibitions of the Park of the Princes.

There, the fans of the French club have enjoyed watching two of the most talented players nowadays. Young men with an incredible thirst for victory, focused on carrying their team, managed by Unai Emery, to greatness. On their shoulders lies the responsibility of bringing the titles, mostly because there is a rumor that Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, owner of the team, spent more than 350 million dollars to have them both in the same selection.

Neymar arrived first, after the French payed his buy-out clause to the FC Barcelona and his signing-up put the spotlight in the Parisian team, absorbed with the idea to have total domain over Europe. But the arrival of the Brazilian called the attention of other players, which understood the seriousness of its aspirations. One of them was the young Mbappe, wanted by the great teams of the European Continent, like Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Arsenal, Manchester City and Chelsea, all of them very powerful teams monetarily speaking.

However, there is a particular expectation to see where this society between Neymar and Mbappe could go. If they connect in the field, we might be looking at a new dynasty that could last for years. The Brazilian is only 25 years old and so far he is at the prime of his career. He is a powerful player, a skillful one that has increased his goal capacity. Besides, it is known that Neymar has achieved a tremendous power of association with the stars that have accompanied him, like of Messi and Suarez, when playing for the FC Barcelona and now with Cavani and Di Maria.

Mbappe could be an ideal partner. He is a forward with extreme mobility, unpredictable and very mature for his 19 years old. In his campaign with the Monaco, the young player showed his great speed, his dribbling ability and his remarkable capacity of making goals with both legs from any distance. Another detail that helps this assumption is the clear ambition of these players. Since their arrival to the Parisian team they both have expressed their will to fight for every possible title.

They have excellent supporters in the team, like Di Maria, Draxler, Pastore or Rabiot, hardworking players that can generate lots of important plays and goals although one of them should make a defensive sacrifice and join Thiago Motta in the contention. No doubt about it, the PSG has one of the most impressive teams of the planet, not only because of the enormous amount of money they spent on these players but because of their actual value in the field.

Mbappé, coming from Monaco with an option to purchase of 180 million, signed until 2022. In this lapse of time he will have Neymar’s company assured because the Brazilian’s contract is due by that year too. We are talking about five seasons of a society that could dominate the soccer universe if it works out like everyone suspects it will. Nasser Al-Khelaïfi and the rest of the tycoons at the head of the PSG are aware of the invaluable pair they have in their forward line. One that can be named, from now on, the duet of the future.