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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Parkland shooting: FBI admits failure to investigate Florida shooter

Por Feco

While Republicans continue to accuse Democrats of politicizing the deaths and injured people after the shooting at Florida school, it was known that the FBI had been warned in more than one way of the danger of Nikolas Cruz, the teenager who recently confessed to the police on the killing of 17 people.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) admitted Friday that it received an alert about Nikolas Cruz in January, but failed to follow the investigation protocols. Cruz is responsible for the 17-person massacre in Florida that occurred last Wednesday. In the case of the information received on January 5th (by an FBI office), the procedures "were not followed”.

The information was not provided to the Miami office, and no investigation was conducted at that time", the entity said in an official note. Federal police have said they received a call from a person close to Cruz, who described the deviant behavior of the 19-year-old. This information "should have been treated as a potential threat," the FBI added. "A person close to Cruz contacted the complaint line to report his concerns about him, his desire to kill people, as well as about the possibility of him carrying out a shooting at the school". This is just one of the guilty elements in the sad situation resulting in the death of 17 innocent people. It is simply about institutions that do not pay attention to what is due. The alert was there. Someone thought it was irrelevant and now we are faced with the disastrous outcome.

This notice does not seem to be related to the notice about a comment on YouTube from a person named Nikolas Cruz who said: "I am going to be a professional school shooter". The FBI has also admitted that it received this warning but that it did not connect it with the author of the killing. In a recent statement, the director of the FBI, Christopher Wray, apologized to the families for the "additional pain" this may cause. "We are still investigating the facts, I am committed to getting to the bottom of what has happened on this particular issue, and also to reviewing our way of responding to the information we receive from the public", Wray added. Cruz, who had suffered mental health problems, has been charged with 17 premeditated murders and is in jail awaiting trial.

The shooting of Parkland caused 17 dead and 15 wounded and was the eighteenth incident with weapons occurred in US educational centers so far in 2018. The incident is causing great debate over the issue of gun control, two words that politicians have avoided all over the years to evade creating enemies in the side of gun lovers, who happen to be also many of those who can finance elections and keep leaders at the top.