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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The eccentrical Goose Gossage

Por Jack Leyva

Many people get scandalized year by year when they hear his outrageous comments but he is just being Goose Gossage. The intimidating closer, a member of the Cooperstown Hall of Fame, was, during his whole career, a very complicated character, aggressive and extravagant. A fact that did not lessen by the least his quality on the box, in which he had 310 saves, 124 wins, a World Series (1978), his ERA was 3.01 and he was nine times in the All-Star Games.

Nevertheless, his annoying statements are becoming tiresome. In the year of 2016, he lashed out against Jose Bautista for his epic bat flip in the duel between the Blue Jays and the Rangers, which months later would bring about a problem with Rougned Odor. A year ago he said some things about the closer and leader of saves in the MLB Mariano Rivera. He declared that Mariano`s saves did not have the same value as his saves because the Panamanian only pitched for one inning while he always did two or even three.

Now Gossage has gone beyond all limits while lashing out against Brian Cashman, one the most important CEOs of the time being, regarding his management of the New York Yankees. The former pitcher has insulted the general manager after not being invited to the spring training as a consultant, something that he has done on some other occasions. Gossage told the media that he is not a fan of Cashman’s and that if George Steinbrenner, the deceased owner of the New York Yankees was alive, Cashman would be without a job because of the many seasons in which he has not won.

Goose pitched with nine teams and with the Yankees he did it for six seasons. It was with them that he achieved his most saves as a closer. However, the team decided that they wanted peace and quiet in their Florida training camp, which will have already so much attention from the media because of the union of Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton as well as for the debut of Aaron Boone as a manager. It has been said that the Yankees don’t pay too much attention to the veterans but the truth is that they do have invited Reggie Jackson and Ron Guidry. You are more than welcome to make your own conclusions out of this.