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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Parkland massacre and the "frozen police"

Por mayli2017

The Orlando Police Department is a law enforcement agency with more than 700 agents. Each officer committed to reducing crime and keeping neighborhoods safe is the motto of every soldier who joins the department. The ideal aspirant should be those men who have previous experience with the police, military experience, a university education, a favorable work history, a clean driving record and a full moral condition.Its members enjoy an equal opportunities policy applicable to all levels of employment in the department and for any of the job classifications.It is part of the work and commitment of each chief officer and supervisor to support the anti-discrimination policy, preaching with his personal example and leadership.

Rick Scott, the man of the moment in the United States and also governor of Florida, asked the State Police Department to initiate an investigation into the participation of several policemen during the events in Parkland, where 17 people were killed and 15 others were injured.

The information that came to the governor is that four officers did not act to stop Nikolas Cruz, the aggressor. In brief statements, the governor's office informed that Scott spoke with Rick Swearingen, the Commissioner of the Florida Department of Police so that the police immediately begin an investigation to find out exactly what the police officers were reacting to the massacre at the school in Parkland, Broward County, on February 14.

Scott's petition is released the day after Bill Hager requested the dismissal of Scott Israel, the Broward County police chief, for incompetent and negligent in the face of such a situation. In a letter, recently released, Hager described as inaccurate inaction that a police department did not take action on reports of the imminent danger posed by the attacker Nikolas Cruz and the decision not to intervene while the 19-year-old adolescent shot students and teachers with an AR-15 assault rifle.

Scott requested that before reaching any determination against the chief of police, he needs the Commissioner of the Florida Department of Police to conduct an independent investigation. From confidential sources in the CCN chain, school police officer Scot Peterson and three other Broward policemen were kept out of school during the shooting and did nothing to enter.When Coral Springs agents arrived at the school, Peterson and his other three companions were with their weapons in their hands and behind their vehicles. For his part, official Israel rejected at all costs the idea to resign his position and this was confirmed in statements made in the interview he did Jake Tapper on CNN.The officer clarified that the investigation so far shows that during the attack while Cruz was inside the center firing, there was only one person in charge of compliance with the law and was the official Scot Peterson.