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Monday, February 12, 2018

US denied visa to Isabel Pantoja


The tragedies of Pantoja's personal life do not seem to have an end. The time the Spanish singer had to pay in prison still troubles her. Recently, Pantoja had to cancel her tour of concerts in the United States which were supposed to start this weekend because the embassy of that country denied her a visa.

María Isabel Pantoja Martín, the Spanish singer born in the Triana district of Seville, had to cancel her concert tour in the United States, scheduled to start this weekend, because the embassy of that country denied her a visa. In a press release, the promoter agencies Loud and Live, and 5 Stars Entertainment reported that they have postponed, until further notice, the concerts scheduled for Sunday 11 at the James L. Knight Center in Miami and that of the following Sunday at the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum, in Puerto Rico. The visa would have been "granted in the first instance by the US Embassy but denied days ago in a second review," said the statement that does not provide more details on the immigration issues of the interpreter of Así es. "The artist's team hopes to announce soon the dates on which these concerts can be scheduled again," informs the text apologizing for the inconvenience and the problems that these changes may cause to the followers of the tonadillera. The Spanish newspaper El País suggests that the refusal of the visa could be related to the two years sentence the singer paid for money laundering.

Pantoja was in a prison in Alcalá de Guadaíra from November 2014 until March 2016, when he was on probation. Her problems began from her romantic relationship with Julian Muñoz, the former mayor of Marbella, the oceanfront Southern Spanish city long known as a hot spot for the rich, an article on Billboard explains. A state court in nearby Malaga convicted Pantoja of helping Muñoz launder funds he embezzled from Marbella government coffers while serving as mayor.

A judge at the time described Pantoja's crime as "one of the most demolishing attacks that can be infringed on a democratic society”, while the court acknowledged it was making an example of Pantoja at a time of great corruption in Spain by public figures. Pantoja returned to the stage in October 2016 with her tour "Hasta que se apague el sol", the title of her most recent album, which has led her to give concerts in several cities in Spain, such as Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, and in several countries of Latin America, such as Chile and Peru. Pantoja is considered an icon in Spain, particularly in the South. She’s widely regarded as one of the greatest interpreters of the romantic copla genre, also known simply as "Spanish song," she has recorded over 30 albums.