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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

A Cuban boxing charms Miami

Por qubano22005

Cuba is well known for training excellent fighters but above all, for their quality when they come to the United States from the island. A clear example of this performance has been, in recent years, Roberto Rigoundeaux, who in the ring is very respectable for his technique and physique. Currently, a new Cuban prospect shines inside the ring and increases the pride reasons of the Cuban boxing fighters who, since before Kid Chocolate and Kid Gavilán, were by far excellent and extraordinary. Now the sands of Miami see Neslán Machado as the new promise of Cuban boxing and his has charmed part of the residents.

Cuba is recognized worldwide by its boxing school that in the amateur world dominates almost everything and is, in fact, one of the sports that wins more Olympic medals for the country. However, poor training and living conditions, and payment breakdowns have caused many of the island's world and Olympic champions to immigrate to the United States in search of better economic opportunities and sport improvements. Cuba, within the International Amateur Boxing Association, has achieved important successes such as winning twice the World Series of Boxing and competing four times for the tournament’s title.

After being sick with flu,it was impossible for him to perform last December and show his countrymen followers why he is one of the best prospects coming from the island, Neslán Machado was able to meet the expectations at the Miami Airport Convention Center. Neslán Machado, a 20-year-old fighter, has proven to be a fighter and be heir of the Cuban fighters’ lineage who throughout history has become milestones in both amateur and professional boxing. Machado is also known as El Pitbull for his combative and aggressive style when he is in the ring. On this occasion, although his rival showed impetus, the Cuban had an unparalleled performance. To his return to the professional boxing arena, Neslán Machado defeated Colombian Jonathan Pérez (12-0, 8 KO), a very good start for the Cuban fighter who looks for better and bigger opportunities in 2018. In declarations to the Miami press, Machado said he wanted to knock out his rival and that he felt very comfortable in the fight. However, the Cuban is aware that to reach the title of world champion he will have to face other more rigorous fights that will require greater preparation and momentum.

From the first round, the fight was well animated. Constant exchanges from all distances made the fans to stand enthusiastically up from the seats. The Cuban boxer imposed his style despite the Colombian offered resistance. However, the experience of the Cuban and after several rounds the fight concluded with the defeat of the Colombian who did not give up in the effort to win.

Others who continue with good pace are the Azerbaijani RamalAmanov who beat the Mexican MatíasGarcía by technical knockout; on the other hand, Matt Korobov won against Jonathan Bautista.


As data Cuba pay a salary between $1,500 and $5,000 cuban pesos per month which is around 50-200 cuban convertible pesos (cuc). The currency that Cubans use daily. According to the Sports Institute of Cuba (INDER), bonus are also considered on the salary. During years Cuban government said that before the revolution US promters and managers exploited the boxers. With the World Series Boxing , Cuba governments get a lot of profits.