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Saturday, March 31, 2018

A future challenging for Trump in Latin America

Por qubano22005

The VIII Americas Summit that it will happen next month on Peru it could be a complete fail for US and for OEA and the summit itself. The summit will be the first Donald Trump faced with Latin American presidents and there is a great expectation about what will happen. As is quite known since Obama, Latin America governments are clearly divided. In one hand are countries aligned with the communist country like Cuba that leads Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia and Ecuador. On another hand, there are Colombia, Brasil, Argentina that surrounded Venezuela and collude against Maduro´s government. The rest doesn´t have a political current defined, but economic interest.

Let´s see the profiles:

Cuba: The communist Island is not frequently seen in this Summit. Last time was an united claim of Latin American presidents for Cuba government. Cuba has supported Venezuela regimen where receive medical services profits and oil. Also, some experts consider that the Island has intelligence agents and military presence on Venezuela soil. Besides, the Caribbean Island is recognized for its solidarity with West Indies.

Cuba could cheer his allies do not participate in the Summit. Recently, President Raul Castro declared that his country will not participate if Venezuela doesn´t participate at the summit. Also on Cuba parliament said that he supported Venezuela´s revolution. Being clear, the small Island doesn’t have anything to lose. The incipient relationships with US where piss up by Donald Trump and Marco Rubio. More than 50 years the Island never participated at that meeting and without allies in the world, it kept its economical system. Summit the Americas is attended by all 35 countries in the western hemisphere. Cuba is the only country that is not member of Organization of American States (OAS) which made its first appearance in 2015.

Venezuela: The discord apple in America. With one of the most important oil reserve in the world and 4th gold reserve Venezuela is a diamond that everybody wants to get. United States was kicked out by Hugo Chavez who fought against local oligarchy which sale the country to America. Despite non-conventional war and over a dozen regions nations against Maduro, Venezuela keeps going its economical and political revolution founded by Hugo Chávez. No matter what Colombia, Brasil or Perú have conspired with US; Maduro keep his reform and is quite possible that he wants to participate on the summit to express his political inconformity with US and its allies. It will be crosswords between Maduro and Trump, no doubt. Donald Trump is obsessed with the military intervention in Venezuela and Maduro will use the summit as a platform of denounced.

Bolivia: Evo Morales country is one of the booming economies in the region. The Bolivian head of the state is publicly a follower of Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez ideas. He dislikes Donald Trump and with his consolidated economy, he doesn´t care too much of deal with US. Also, he is a pacifist man that believes in Latin America as a peace region. Recently he expressed in a tweet his solidarity with Venezuela and his opposition to constant threats of intervention.

Brazil: The South America country with Michel Temer comes back to the dictatorship’s ancient times. Despite they say that does not agree with a military intervention, they move troops to the border.

Colombia: It is not a secret for anybody that despite being a branch of the same tree, both countries hate each other. It´s a historical antagonism. Now is not a secret for anybody that both countries are in conflict. They are close neighbors but not friends. Nicolas Maduro in his paranoiac speeches or not, several times has warned about Colombia collusion with US to depose his government. Actually, recently Maduro said that Colombia join to Brazil and they move thousands of troops to the border. Meanwhile, Juan Manuel Santos, Colombia´s president, said to Mike Pence that military intervention shouldn’t even be considered.

Peru: It´s the host of the summit. It was the first country that rejected Venezuela and bans Maduro to participate. The Peruvian government is openly against Venezuela regimen and supported Washington on its escalade aggression against Maduro. Kuczynski government said that Nicolas Maduro is not welcome at the summit alleging “rupture of the constitutional democratic order”. Ironically maybe it will be Pedro Pablo Kuczynski who doesn´t participate for the same reason. It´s quite possible that he will be removed from the presidency.

US: Well, a lot of things to say about White House government and the next participation on Americas summit, but Donald Trump is so dumb that doesn´t mind. A lot of troubles in America diplomacy with the recently fired of Rex Tillers as State Secretary. But is pretty clear that US will claim a military intervention in Venezuela. So let´s wait until the shows begin.