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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Armed teachers are dangerous too

Por qubano22005

To arm teachers with guns at school was the last brilliant idea of Donald Trump after Florida´s gunshot; he is playing Indians and Cowboys inside the US educational system. Still, the plan hasn´t been approved; a recent fact happened at Georgia where a school teacher fired a gunshot when the principal tried to open the door, but no one was seriously injured and they called 911. Immediately, officers from the Dalton Police Department arrived and they found the teacher had barricaded himself inside a classroom. The real cause of the incident is under investigation, but a spokesman from the Police Department said the teacher did not want to involve students in the incident.

Jesse Randall Davidson is the name of the suspect and, according to some student’s testimony to the police, the happening began when a group of students tried to enter to a classroom and he didn’t let anybody to get inside.

Only two weeks had passed after the Parkland’s massacre in Florida where 17 people died, and an outburst of several protests emerged after the events. US President Donald Trump proposed on National TV to gun-arm teachers as a way to protect students and a possible solution of this main trouble America’s education system has to face every year. Sadly, government and lawmakers at Senate and Congress are deaf to the people, students and relatives’ claims.

Public opinion and Washington argued the first one, on demanding a higher gun control and, the second one is a right stated on the 2nd Amendment of the American Constitution. Furthermore, one part of America’s society believes that the National Rifle Association pushed hard the Republicans party, the majority and in charge of the country right now. Everybody knows Donald Trump and senators like Marcos Rubio received a lot of money from one of the most powerful US lobby, who backed their 2016 candidacy.

NRA’s spokeswoman Dana Loesch thinks that schools must have a bigger security, rather than to forbid the constitutional right to have a gun. At the same time, Florida’s Senator Marco Rubio supported the idea to restrain guns owned by people that can be dangerous for the community. Also, he bets for more control at schools and ways of identifying violence’s signs. On the contrary, President Donald Trump recently proposed some measures that seem to be away from National Rifle Association position, but aren´t tight enough. The real measure that will eradicate gun’s troubles will be to avoid guns or higher controls on owners. However, that is not going to happen. At least, Trump supported raising the age for buying rifles legally to 21 from 18 years old and backed up the idea that police can confiscate guns from people that are potentially dangerous.

Public Opinion and some politicians at The White House had been waiting for a list of measures that will have Trump’s approval; nevertheless, silence remains. According to Senator Sarah Sanders there is an ongoing process and something that they don’t expect to happen. In the same position is Republican Senator John Kennedy who recently said to reporters that is extremely skeptical regarding any soon-to-pass gun control legislation. “So far, there’s been a lot of chopping but I don’t see any chips flying”, he stated.

Despite those events, some gun factories said their sales increased after the attacks. Guns' industry recently commented that is a reaffirmation of firearms rights’ support. After all, it is quite possible these years will witness a boost in the numbers of events and guns shooting in US schools. Let´s wait and see.