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Friday, March 9, 2018

California breaks the silence

Por sumily

The lawsuit filed with the Eastern District of California of the federal jurisdiction where Sacramento is located says California has no authority to make laws that obstruct, conflict or discriminate against federal action on immigration. The three laws proposed by the government are a deliberate attempt by California to obstruct the execution of US immigration laws.

The Department of Justice has asked the federal court to formulate a preventive order to stop the application of these laws and, in the end, annul them. For its part, the Government bases its synthesis on the so-called supremacy clause, Article VI of the US Constitution, which affirms the supremacy of federal law and the Constitution over the laws of the states. The laws in question have the purpose and effect of making it more difficult for federal immigration agents to fulfill their obligation in California.

The US government has sued the State of California for initiating sanctuary laws that prohibit the collaboration of public administrations with the federal immigration police. The brawl for the protection of undocumented immigrants will reach the courts. We are in the presence of the most serious confrontation so far between the Government of Donald Trump and the most populous state in the country, which has become the epicenter of institutional resistance to all the president's initiatives.

Jeff Sessions, the attorney general, has planned to notify the complaint Wednesday morning in Sacramento, the capital of California, in front of a group of representatives of the security forces.According to the speech that is prepared, Sessions seeks to affirm that the Department of Justice and the Trump Administration are going to fight against these unjust and unconstitutional policies that they have imposed. They will work to make their work safer and help reduce crime in the US.

The lawsuit was filed in the federal courts of the city on Tuesday.Immigration is a federal competence, and the police that persecutes the undocumented depend on Washington. In a country with at least 11 million undocumented people, the ability to contain and relegate these agents becomes very limited. So to throw all the undocumented in the country, the Trump Government, which demanded from the beginning the collaboration of all local and state police, however, the police of most cities in the country have refused such collaboration.

This policy of not favoring is called sanctuary, an expression without a true legal definition that agglomerates, in general, the criterion of not using public force to persecute immigrants.Since Trump began his term, the struggle over this issue has been escalating verbally. And despite all the activities that have taken place, nowhere has it been as intense as in California.

The state authorities, strongly dominated by the Democrats and which Hillary Clinton won by four million votes, gave their word to do everything possible to protect the undocumented from viable mass raids. It is estimated that about a quarter of all undocumented people in the United States live in California.Against the veteran Democrat Jerry Brown, and the Attorney General, Xavier Becerra, the two most visible faces of California in the institutional confrontation with the White House has directed the demand of Sessions. Faced with this, Brown reacted to the news with a small statement in which he seemed to mock the twittsTrump by stating that in a moment of an unprecedented political storm, Jeff Sessions appears in California to fraction and monopolize America even more.

For its part, the prosecutor Becerra, the son of immigrants, has sued the Trump government a score of times. He also reacted to the Twitter challenge by saying that he does not care what happens in Washington, California will keep his course and will use the laws to protect all his people. That's the way they keep their communities safe. The Justice Department, in turn, told the press that the accusation is based on the unconstitutionality of three laws, all ratified last year. One prevents employers from succoring helpfully with immigration authorities. Another gives the State permission to examine immigration detention centers.

Known as the Sanctuary State Law, which hinders all California security forces from sharing information with immigration if it is not with a court order.A common practice in the big cities of the United States is mandatory from January 1 in the entire State, the only one where something like this has been done. SB54, as it is also known, was proposed by the president of the California Senate, Kevin de León, who is also the son of immigrants and who is now campaigning to go to the US Senate.