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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Careful men, women have a voice

Por mayli2017

Although its leading role in the television comedy "Sex and the City" along with Sara Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis and Kim Cattrall led her to world fame, a series released by HBO from 1998 to 2004 and then followed by two films, the actress is very down in the polls.

According to a recent survey by the Siena College research institute, Nixon's score would be 19% versus Cuomo's 66%. However, we already know that numbers can change.Cuomo has a disadvantage in his favor and is the recent conviction of a former collaborator for corruption. Although the president asserted that his name was never mentioned in the eight-week federal trial, however, The New York Times has another version and is mentioned in 163 opportunities.

She became famous when she decided to play Miranda in the television series "Sex and the City", the successful lawyer. At present, the American actress Cynthia Nixon announced her candidacy to governor of the state of New York, with a progressive platform in favor of greater equality, without favors from large corporations.At 51, Nixon announced his candidacy in a two-minute video posted on Twitter.

In the video he appears with his wife Christine Marinoni and their three children, at home, taking the youngest to public school, walking the streets of New York and on a train.

For his part, the current governor and favorite, Andrew Cuomo, 60, elected in 2010, who also aspires to a third term has the sights in the gubernatorial elections on November 6, before facing in the Democratic primary of 13 of September.The actress for her part, has never before been a candidate for public office. If elected, she would be the first female governor in New York, the fourth most populous state in the country, in addition to the first publicly recognized homosexual.

According to Nixon, American leaders are failing him. They are at this moment the most unequal state in the whole country, with incredible wealth but also extreme poverty.The actress is recognized as an irreplaceable defender of the right to a quality public education. To his way of seeing half of the children in the cities of the north of the state live below the poverty line.Nixon says he loves his city and therefore a change is necessary. The inhabitants of the city want the government to return to work for medical assistance, for the remodeling of the metro and to put an end to mass incarceration.

For his part, Cuomo, who in turn is the son of a former governor of the state for three terms, faces severe criticism for the satiated and archaic subway system of New York City, whose movement is controlled by the state government.The triumph of Nixon, more to the left than Cuomo, would provide a victory in turn to Bill de Blasio, the Democratic mayor of the city of New York, an irrefutable enemy of the current governor. Nixon went to the conspiracy of De Blasio's second term in January, and his wife worked until last week in the education department of the municipal government.

As for her artistic career, the artist received her first Emmy in 2004 for the role of Miranda from the hands of current President Donald Trump, who at that time was directing his own reality show, "The Newbie".