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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Carlos Hernández wants to be the next Sheriff of Miami-Dade

Por Damian

Miami-Dade is the only county in the state of Florida where the chief of police is not chosen by citizenship election. Carlos Hernandez, currently the mayor of Hialeah, confirmed that he is considering to run for the county´s Sheriff position if a constitutional amendment is accepted in November, taking into an account that it would make this charge eligible by popular vote.

"It is an insult to the citizens of Miami-Dade County because it is a local matter. This should be a decision that should be made only by the citizens of our county and not the entire state, "said Hernandez. In addition, the mayor declared that he don´t believes the sheriff should be an elected authority, because that would politicize the Police Department.

When it comes to Hernández's ability to take over the position, this is what the mayor told to El Nuevo herald: "I do have the experience with 22 years as police commander, mayor and administrator of Hialeah".

Likewise, about the matter, the mayor pointed out as an example what happens in Broward, "where the sheriff is more a politician than a leader of a police department. In the tragedy of the shooting at the Parkland school, there was a lack of supervision, training and leadership. "

"Who else for a public position if not Mayor Hernández? This is a person who was in the police force of Hialeah, "said Arnie Alonso, former head of Hernandez's office, and who released the information on social networks. “He has the experience for this position due to his career as administrator of the fifth largest city in Florida, the largest city of Miami-Dade. It's a position and a charge that the mayor is considering and the voters determine that. "

Sasha Tirador, political consultant said Hernandez's announcement will trigger an intense electoral contest, since former commissioner Joe Martinez would have expressed interest in aspiring to the position.

“If there were a campaign between these two politicians, Joe Martinez would not survive against Carlos Hernández, because this is an excellent candidate," said the political consultant who has conducted the electoral campaigns of both politicians.

In this regard, Martinez downplayed the observation of Shooter while saying there was still a long way to go and they have to put the amendment on the ballot so that there will be an election in 2020. “There are many steps left to reach before the election between individuals”.