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Monday, March 12, 2018

Cristiano Ronaldo is the "Real" in Madrid

Por Feco

Two goals from Cristiano Ronaldo, in the final stretch of each time, gave the victory to Real Madrid in Ipurua, where the team effectively survived the impetus of a meritorious Eibar. If fans ever doubted Ronaldo’s influence for his squad, they should think twice and do the math to finally give him the credit deserved.

Cristiano Ronaldo's ability to appear in the decisive moments for Real Madrid cannot be questioned. And so he did at mins.33 and 84 and offered Real Madrid three points with which to stay hooked on La Liga, despite the distance that separates the team from the current leaders and the euphoria caused by the performance in Paris last Tuesday. The start of Eibar was spectacular, with a few minutes in which it entrenched in their area Zidane’s men, who were without spaces to create their football.

The minutes passed and Real Madrid tried to find holes in the back of the forward defense, but these were not too successful, because of the local intensity. Eibar could get ahead in the 18th minute, with a shot by Kike from outside the area that made Navas do his best. Zidane had to make the first forced change before half an hour, giving entry to Nacho for a Varane that did not recover from a fortuitous clash of heads with Kike Garcia. Bale and Ronaldo had their double chance in a play isolated from those of Zidane, but neither was able to take advantage of Marcelo's long ball, first by Dmitrovic's good performance and then by Capa's good anticipation.

Of course, Cristiano can forgive one, but not two, and the Portuguese took advantage of a sensational pass of Modric, after an error of Arbilla, to define masterfully. It seemed too much punishment for an Eibar that was giving everything on the pitch, although there were still minutes left for the break. The Armeros did not come down, and in fact tried to achieve the tie with impetus before reaching the end of the first half, although the visitors had several corners in a row that served to calm the local spirits. In fact, Dmitrovic was exposed to a shot from Cristiano and avoided a greater evil for Eibar in the first 45 minutes, when Eibar came down in the pressure and began to see something overflowed by Real Madrid.

The second half started with a quieter Real Madrid due to the goal in favor, seeking to calm the game against an Eibar that did not stop pressing. But the locals did not stop believing, and Ramis found the equalizer in the 50th minute nodding spectacularly a corner taken by Pedro Leon. Another match was opened and both teams went in search of the three points. Modric assumed and even had the equalizer in the 55th minute, but his shot went too far crossed. Eibar came up with the equalizer but lacked the last pass to be able to hurt Zidane's.

Zizou made a double change and gave entrance to Benzema and Lucas Vazquez in the absence of 20 minutes to the end of the match, with the ambition to add the three points in Ipurua. The game was still open, with an Eibar defending away from the goal and with a Real Madrid looking for their options in speed. Cristiano nodded to the net Madrid's goal of victory against an Eibar who fought and had their options, but still does not know what it is to win the team of Zidane. He’s prove more than once that this team without him would be nothing in all competitions.