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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Donald Trump wants ‘for life’ President power


Some of the most renowned media in the world coincide that the United States president is a fan of regime administrations like that of China. No matter what the discrepancies are, Mr. Donald Trump continues to acclaim leaders he keeps demonizing in social networks, but whom, in the end, he happens to admire.

According to El País, Donald Trump likes authoritarian leaders and that weakness does not understand commercial wars or geostrategic rivalries. The most recent evidence happened this Saturday, with his messages threatening an escalation of tariffs -and China as one of the main recipients- still fresh. The president of the United States did the unthinkable and praised the president of the Asian power, Xi Jinping, for having promoted his perpetuation in power.

"He is now president for life. President for life. No, he's great, "Trump said at a private fundraising event, according to a recording that CNN had access to. "And, look, he could do it. I think it's great. Maybe one day we'll try it”, he added. The Central Committee of the Communist Party announced on February 25 a constitutional reform that eliminated the limit of two terms and allows Xi Jinping to continue at the head of the regime. Then, in the social networks, the censorship blocked any term that might sound critical of the initiative.

In the United States, a country that considers itself the leader of the free world, the Constitution prohibits more than two consecutive terms since 1951. But before that, traditionally, the presidents did not spend more than eight years in the White House, with the exception of Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was elected four times. Well, that’s another thing Trump seems to like putting an end to.

Despite the antagonism of both political cultures, the current president of the United States likes Xi. At the meeting on Saturday, he repeated praise, described him as a "great gentleman", praised that he is the most powerful Chinese president "in 100 years" and remembered how well he had treated him during his visit last November. Yes, you are reading well.

The US and China have at least two major open fronts, trade disputes and the North Korean conflict. Trump has made the trade deficit of the US economy his workhorse and China is mainly responsible for that gap between what it imports and what it exports. In addition, both countries disagree with the strategy in dealing with the Korean regime and its nuclear escalation, given that Washington demands a harder stand from Beijing. In addition, the new security strategy presented in December recovers the rivalry language of the Cold War and points to China and Russia as rivals that seek to erode the strength of the United States.

But the president of the country, at the same time, tunes in with its leaders. Trump has praised Russian President Vladimir Putin several times when his own administration accuses him of orchestrating a campaign to interfere in the presidential elections. He has also had good words for other leaders criticized by human rights organizations such as the Egyptian president, Abdelfatah al Sisi; the one from Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, or the Filipino, Rodrigo Duterte. Again, even if it all sound too crazy to swallow, it’s just Trump being Trump. What else could you expect?