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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Dozens of Russian diplomats are evicted from different countries

Por Damian

As a response to the poisoning of a former double agent in the United Kingdom, this Monday the governments of the United States, Canada and several European countries expelled about 114 Russian diplomats, some of them accused of espionage. The political climax this has unfold is filled with some interesting details.

According to El Nuevo Herald this is a reaction to the chemical attack against the ex- agent Sergueï Skripal and his daughter occurred at the beginning of March in Salisbury, the United Kingdom. An event that the British government is saying came from the hand of Russia.

Thus, while the Russian government said the wave of expulsions of diplomats is a "provocative gesture", the White House took an energetic step by ordering the eviction of 60 Russians, accused of being "intelligence officers".

The measure is one of the most important actions to date taken by Washington to punish Moscow and Russian President Vladimir Putin, especially for his intelligence activities. In the previous communication between the two, President Donald Trump congratulated Putin on his reelection without mentioning the poisoning incident with the spy on March 4, nor the alleged Russian interference in US elections or the irregularities in the electoral process in Russia, which were criticized even by Trump's republican coreligionists.

"This is the biggest expulsion of Russian intelligence agents in the history of the United States," said the US ambassador for Russia, Jon Huntsman. In addition, the Russian Consulate closure in the city of Seattle was determined by Trump due to its proximity to the Kitsap Submarine Base and the Boeing quarters. The 12 Russians who act as part of the UN representation and other 48 destined in Washington and New York have a week term to leave the American territory.

A senior official told reporters at the White House that Trump's determination represents the biggest expulsion of Russian officials from US territory, including similar measures while the Soviet Union still existed. On an official communicate, the White House said Monday that the measure had been taken "in conjunction with our NATO allies and partners around the world."

Meanwhile, in Bulgaria the president of the European Council, Donald Tusk, announced that “14 countries of the European Union decided to expel Russian diplomats."