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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Erin, a strange case

Por sumily

According to the mother of the young and successful dancer Errin Godwin Whalley, Myette Whalley, before the severe problem that presents her daughter with food allergies, at some point, Erin, being very small, decided to stop eating.

Myette recalls that the other children went to their ballet classes at age 11, while Erin stayed in a hospital and consulted specialists. Another of the serious afflictions suffered by the girl were her absences from school, so she had to catch up academically. With the medical help received, sacrifice, will, hard work, Erin managed to develop the necessary strength and techniques that ballet demanded and become a talented ballet dancer. Despite all the hardships she has gone through, Erin works extremely hard to achieve her dreams.

Errin Godwin Whalley, a shrewd and young dancer, was so afraid of food that she stopped growing at age 11. The allergies she suffered made her terrified of eating, so she was about the size of a six-year-old girl when she was almost twice that age.

Errin, from Pitlochry, Scotland, had her first allergic reaction to food when she was one year old and had to be transported by helicopter to the hospital. After that, he refused all the food to the point that he needed a feeding tube to survive. During an interview on the program of Kaye Adams, of the BBC, Errin detailed the beginning of his feeding problems. Remember to be scared at the idea of trying new things or eating only sausages and pasta.

The young dancer affirms that she was very scared because she lived convinced that food made her sick. Since she had the allergic reaction, he thought that the food was bad for me and he stopped eating. In that way, it was generating a fear of food.

On the other hand, Myette Whalley, the mother of Errin, told what happened in that first moment of allergy. They were traveling north to Devon, in the middle of the field, and Errin was about a year old. He gave her some hummus in a rice cracker and she started to react, her lips swollen and changed color and she looked very sick. They needed an air ambulance. After such an episode, she decided that she was not going to eat anymore. She just stopped eating.

They had difficult times, Erin very low in weight and dehydrated and receiving serum. They consulted specialists and in the end, they placed a feeding tube. Errin's disease was more than just choosing not to eat. Dr. Gillian Harris, a clinical psychologist who specializes in the acceptance and rejection of foods in childhood, says that this happens to one in every 600 children.

Errin suffered from an eating disorder that restricts and prevents intake and also has a sensory hypersensitivity. She was also diagnosed with multiple pituitary hormone deficiency (MPHD), which weakens the muscles and makes movement difficult. Finding a treatment for Errin's disease was not easy and took a long time. Now, at 17, Errin has overcome her fear. He grew to the size of a small adult and won a place at the prestigious British Ballet West dance school.