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Friday, March 23, 2018

Facebook, a nightmare

Por qubano22005

I just remember right now the Social network. The film it is a reminiscence of how the shy Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook. The clever university student at that time wanted a network to be recognized by his colleagues and his girlfriend. A naïve network to uploads and share pictures among friends and suddenly became a success between universities.

But the celestial social network became with the time in a hell, even for the government themselves which after used to spy citizens now was used for foreign government collusion. The old diversion of share and likes now is a profile harvest field to get money Big Data analyzers and advertisement companies. No fun anymore the Zuckenberg creation.

Recently a Cambridge Analytica revealed data of 50 million Facebook profiles were exploited to tip the balance on elections of many countries. That is part of Zuckerberg business and which allow him fancy luxuries beyond us. Despite he avoids responsibility for a lot of time, now Facebook has become in a satanic instrument and a boomerang for every government in the World, so now they are concerning of being careful with the use of the social network.

It is not a myth that Facebook gets a lot of data info from us. The apparently innocuous information is part of big machinery to make money. Data profile goes to different competitors, depends on who bet more. Nick Srnicek, author of Platform Capitalism, says, “Facebook is acting like a classic monopoly: it’s buying up competitors like Instagram, it’s blatantly copying rivals like Snapchat, and it even has its own app.

Chris Hughes, Facebook creator and Obama adviser once time said that new media and social network were used by politicians to advantage with old media. And it’s true. Facebook becomes an ideological gun shoot on the feet of the US politicians and Intelligence Services.

Let´s see some keys in policy. First, trough Facebook many politicians during their campaigns created an illusion associated with modernity and democracy among young people. Fake news was one of the bullets shoot by Facebook during several wars that started precisely on the social network. Egypt is one of the samples and Venezuela too. Do you remember the “guarimbas?”.

It was a social network campaign to destabilize Maduro´s mandate. Which was the most spread image? Young people throwing rocks, Molotov cocktails and doing the “revolution”. According to intelligence services of Venezuela and Cuba, US intelligence advisers shape the campaign against Maduro that awareness neighbors’ presidents. Young mom´s at the street holding their children was part of the ideological speeches that opposition launched to the world. A message of change. But it isn’t working.

Similar thinking had Joseph S. Nye, Secretary Defense advisor during William Clinton presidency. In that time he said that the country that better manages the digital, information and knowledge revolution will be the most powerful. Indeed it is. But like General William Tecumseh Sherman sentenced eleven times "And once the war dogs are released, you do not know where everything is going" and what happens.

Even Hillary Clinton was hit by her own words. She said when took the charge as State Secretary that it was necessary to use internet power against countries enemies of US media. Ironic, isn´t it? It was that power that supposedly causes her defeats during 2016 election. In Europe, Matteo Salvini thanked Facebook for contributing to recent election results. Also, it was the social network and Big Data analyzers who help Trump to win voters and most important, Russia collusion was possible thanks to the internet.

This year Facebook is in the middle of the public eyes because of that reason. They didn´t inform on time about a possible collision with its services. Now US Intelligence department is concerned. Facebook as a gun could use by anybody and as the same founder of the social network accept it´s hard to control every profile.

But not only for political issues is Facebook a tool. Also, stalkers have sent threatening messages through Facebook. Sometimes it´s hard for the Silicon Valley company to classify the information and robots can´t identify when the content is offensive. About this issue, Facebook has an associated ‘report’ option and every user can block anyone who is harassing them, but sometimes is hard to tackle misbehave with only technological solutions. Actually, the company has never revealed how many moderators they have employed, how they work, and how they took decisions. Thus, Facebook is out of control even for they own founders. It is not anymore a fun. Now is parallel world and an uncontrolled gun that can be used it by anyone.