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Friday, March 23, 2018

Flamenco Rave is ready to give a taste of Spain

Por Damian

Flamenco Rave, a mega concert that will take place this month on the Miami Dade County Auditorium on Sunday 25 represents an opportunity for people in Florida to taste and enjoy the most recent trends of flamenco coming from Spain. With that in mind, the production of FUNDarte has prepared a cast that includes the pianist Dorantes, the double act of Rosalía and Raül Refree, Kaike and Paquete, and the work of the guitarist Daniel Casares.

In the program, stands out El tiempo por testigo, a work made by Dorantes from the self-titled album that summarizes 20 years of experience in the stages and recording studios. "El tiempo por testigo is a daring album of flamenco, jazz, Andalusia, research, taste, feeling, freedom and happiness, whose themes have marked a turning point in my career," he said to El Nuevo Herald.

While talking about the selection of the titles, Dorantes highlighted Orobroy, a piece that has been recorded and covered by amazing musicians from all over the planet and that the Spanish gypsy people feel as representative of their race. He also mentioned Sin muros ni candados, the track that showed him, without losing his roots, new paths of expression at the piano. Dorantes, who comes from a family of gypsy artists, has toured the main festivals inside and outside Spain and was also the winner in 2009 of the National Young Creator Award, presented by the Ministry of Culture of his country.

"The piano brings to flamenco an impressive sound range, wonderful harmonic possibilities and a path with fewer limitations than other instruments," declared Dorantes.

As for Rosalía, one of the most versatile artists of flamenco, will take the stage to perform Los Ángeles with the guitarist and producer Raül Refree. The album, which in a way kicks off their mini-concert, fuses the most contemporary sounds with tradition.

Flamenco Rave also includes the singer Naike Ponce who, alongside guitarist Juan José "Paquete" Suárez, will present Con nombre de mujer. Likewise, the tribute to Pablo Picasso during the show will come from instrumentalist Daniel Casares, backed by dancer Sergio Aranda, violinist Nelson Doblas and percussionist Miguel "Nene" Ortiz.

This event is part of the No Borders series, which focuses on presenting the most innovative trends in performing arts in Latin America, the Caribbean and Spain.