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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Gloria Estefan obtains one of the most incredible honors

Por Damian

It´s official, Gloria Estefan made it! The famous singer´s work alongside the Miami Sound Machine, most particularly their hit Rhythm is Gonna Get You, just entered in the Library of Congress of the United States, a privilege only reserved for those materials this prestigious institution wants to preserve for posterity.

Estefan will enter next to 25 relevant works in the National Recording Registry, through which the prestigious institution protects the original editions due to its historical importance.

Rhythm is Gonna Get You was written in 1987 by Gloria herself and the former drummer of Miami Sound Machine Enrique "Kiki" García, and in that period competed in the Top 10 chart with I Still Have not Found What I'm Looking For (U2) and I Want Your Sex (George Michael). The original song mixes international pop trends with the rhythms of her native country, Cuba, just like the great majority of her repertoire.

Other remarkable materials selected by the Library of Congress for its conservation are Footloose (Kenny Loggins) and Le Freak (Chic). "This award represents a historic moment for our Cuban-American community. Above all, coming from an institution as respectable as the Library of Congress of the United States," Gloria Estefan declared to El Nuevo Herald.

Gloria, alongside her husband Emilio Estefan, stated that Rhythm is Gonna Get You was used as background music on popular TV shows such as Friends and Saturday Night Live, among other spaces. Regarding that matter, Emilio recalled that the song, recorded at Criteria Studios in North Miami for the album Let it Lose, was a success because it showed the joy of Afro-Cuban rhythms fused with the sound of Miami.

"We are proud that this song is already part of our legacy to the culture of the United States, the country that gave us the opportunity to develop our talents with great effort. But this would not have been possible without the support of the public, "said the producer.

Throughout her successful career, with more than 40 years of endless victories, Gloria Estefan has won seven Grammy awards and sold 100 million records around the world. Furthermore, the performer was the first Cuban-American to receive the Kennedy Center Honors in December 2017.