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Friday, March 30, 2018

IBM creates the smallest computer in the world

Por Jade

If we can say something with confidence about the technological progress of recent years, covering even more than a decade is that the miniaturization of components and devices is reaching its highest. The US multinational IBM has created the smallest computer in the world and intends to present it in the IBM Think 2018. The event takes place this week in Las Vegas.

According to the company, the device is characterized by its size, since it is smaller than a grain of coarse salt. This IBM minicomputer has the power of an x86 chip (which corresponds to the Intel 80386 microprocessor, introduced in 1990), as reported by Mashable, which means that it has a power much lower than current computers, although this is somewhat understandable, having considered its tiny dimensions. According to IBM, its manufacturing cost will be less than 10 cents and will include "hundreds of thousands of transistors." It will also allow "monitor, analyze, communicate and even act on the data."

The innovative device will work with blockchain, which is a distributed database made up of chains of blocks designed to avoid their modification once a data has been published. Another feature of the minicomputer is that it will try to help track the shipment of products and detect theft, fraud and non-compliance, as well as exercise basic artificial intelligence functions. The renowned company dedicated to the world of technology ensures that this is only the beginning. According to the head of research at IBM, Arvind Krishna, "in the next five years, cryptographic technologies-computers as small as a drop of ink or a grain of salt-will be included in objects and devices present in our day-to-day life."

However, this tiny computer that the firm has presented in the talk IBM Think of Las Vegas, is not yet available in the market and, for now, but it is being tested by the company's researchers, who are currently working with their first prototype. At IBM this of records to reduce the sizes to the maximum is nothing new. In 2015, they already had an advantage in this, specifically with the smallest components of the moment (7 nanometers), surpassing themselves last year (5 nanometers). Miniaturization is reaching quite interesting and surprising levels, and even talking about a computer as a grain of salt is something "big" considering this new engineering of the construction of nanomachines.