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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

In the Embassy, only ambassadors

Por dbloggers

The United States Embassy at Havana will operate as an “unaccompanied post”, has published the US State Department in a press release. The note explains that the US Embassy in Havana has worked under ordered departure status since the State Department attacks’ allegations. The official statement published just after the visit of a bicameral US delegation that has been in Cuba to investigate about possible “sonic attacks” against the US embassy occurred in 2016. Besides, they came to the Caribbean Island trying to strengthen the links made during Obama’s administration broken by Donald Trump who got back to the old US position regarding Cuba.

However, the US delegation didn’t find any clue about “sound attacks” or other kinds of aggression against American diplomatic office in Havana. They concluded it was a mistake to withdrawal the personnel and to strain relationships with Cuba.

US State Department took unilateral decision last year when they alleged that Cuba was constantly attacking American Embassy with unknown sonic weapons that could affect the Embassy’s staff and American citizen who traveled as tourists to the island. Nevertheless, the lie of fake news cheered up by Marcos Rubio and supported by Donald Trump and Rex Tillerson didn’t correspond to the facts. The measure has brought air to Cuba´s opposition that believed the US government betrayed them when both countries decided to collaborate.

Neither US medical experts nor FBI agents can demonstrate that those attacks happened. Actually, many neurologist experts think that is science fiction, meaning a real attack with sonic weapons. But sadly Marcos Rubio lied, only more than the 60 percent of American diplomatic stuff was withdrawn. Since then, people from Cuba who wants to visit relatives in the United States suffer a huge bureaucracy process and spend a lot of money.

Meanwhile, James Williams, President of the bipartisan coalition Engage Cuba, said about it that far from affecting Castro´s government the only damage is against Cuban people which are the one that loses the most. People from both shores suffer not only the distance but also the several restrictions to get a visa and the money to pay for it and the travel to US embassy in Colombia where they under the new rules must request the visa. Far from supporting Cuban people, American government and Donald Trump are abandoning Cuba people, maybe trying to avoid the number of Cubans emigrants in the“Promised Land”.

Despite the lack of evidence of “sonic attacks”, US government decided to interrupt permanently the US Embassy’s stuff in Havana, a judgment that was hardly criticized under political circles and media. According to Congresswoman Barbara Lee, the unilateral decision kick off years of conversation and undermines years of progress normalizing relationships between both countries. Our diplomats should be allowed to do their jobs and return to their posts in Cuba.” A collateral damage to American companies happened because business and travel regulations frightened potential tourists and businessmen who had the interest to invest in the Island. Actually, around twenty tour operators demanded the elimination of travel alerts regarding Cuba, one of the safeties places in the world and the producer of the famous cigars Habanos, according to them.

Despite growing demands from different US sectors requesting to normalize operations and relationships, the State Department noted that the embassy will continue operating with the minimum necessary personnel. Havana’sUS embassy has been working like that since September 2017, when the US government withdrew its staff, a consular services’ stroke for Cubans.