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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Laura Pausini will sing in Cuba

Por Nina

The Italian singer Laura Pausini presented today, on an Alitalia flight between Rome and Milan, "Fatti sentire", her thirteenth record production, as she gets ready to visit Cuba and sing, invited by the Gente de Zona duo. In two weeks the artist will first step on Cuban soil. With the Cuban duo she recorded the subject that she wrote with Italian colleagues "Nadie ha dicho" (Nobody has said).

The artist moves much of the time from one place to another, inside and outside of Italy, and even lives six months of the year in Miami, to whom she dedicates the "Nuevo" (New) theme in Spanish. "After 25 years of my career, I understood that I can not have a goal, because if I achieve it, what do I do next? I must know that I always have some horizon to reach yet," said the artist, who will start the World Tour at the San Ciro Stadium in Rome, on two dates next July. This Friday, the album "Fatti sentire" is released worldwide, the last album, two years after "Simili" and then "Laura Xmas".

Pausini chose to present the album on board of an airplane of the Italian flag line, playing as a flight attendant for a while by serving some drinks to the journalists on the flight. "I wanted to make them enter a day of my life. I live every day in airplanes, sometimes I take three flights a day, "she explained about the peculiar presentation and defining herself as the Italian "Cartashian" (from the surname of his partner Paolo Carta).

The album has 14 songs, "many were left out and then there will be a volume two, but I do not know when," she said, adding that "it's not autobiographical but they tell me things that have happened to me too." "No river is wilder", is one in English, in addition to "Nuevo" in Spanish, in "tribute to my life in Miami: the Latin part is very present in my way of being". The song "Francesca (Piccola Aliena)" is dedicated to her three-year-old niece, who died less than a year ago from a genetic disease. "The album is signed by so many authors, all Italians, that I invite to open my concerts, and they have different sounds that go from reggaeton to ballad or rock. But with a common thread: in each theme I tell stories of people who must make a decision and in some way should be heard, "said the singer.

"Fatti sentire is an invitation I want to make to myself and to the people who listen to my music, an invitation to be brave, to be us without fear of judgments, even when we feel fragile. And it says a person who is continually judged and that's why I have often suffered. Strong on stage but fragile and insecure just low, "Pausini summed up.

The World Tour will take her to the United States, Latin America (Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Ecuador and Mexico), Europe and to different Italian cities in September and October.