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Friday, March 23, 2018

Maluma gets caught in the crossfire between Sanz and Balvin

Por Damian

A new episode in the Sanz versus Balvin battle has just unfolded in the social media, this time featuring Maluma, and drawing the attention of thousands of fans of the three famous artists. The origin of this feud goes back when the two protagonists were coaches on La Voz México.

What it’s not clear right now is when Maluma got involved in the crossfire, but all the same the Spanish singer-songwriter seems to have decided to kill two birds with one stone by making some declarations on Instagram that for some were friendly, for others instructive and elegant, and for another number of people, just ironic.

In retrospective, an argument aired in 2016 during one episode of the famous reality competition where Balvin asked Alejandro: "Isn’t he coming? I mean the guy who does the singing for you? ”. Baffled, Sanz answered: "It seems that the chemistry products on your hair have penetrated your scalp and affected you a little bit. Since you don’t even sing, you don’t need anyone to do it for you”.

Afterward, both acted like it was all a joke avoiding a war between their respective followers, who began to take sides and even become aggressive. All charade aside, the conclusion for many was that they detested each other. The latest chapter on this quarrel initiates this week when Maluma published a video on Instagram in which he made fun of Juan David Castaño, better known as Llane, about a poor cover performance of one of the iconic Sanz ´s songs.

With an eye on the two Colombians who are taking Latin music to the world (Maluma and Balvin), the Spanish singer declared on his own account: "Do not laugh at your friend (the long haired boy) because he can’t sing Mi Soledad Y Yo, he tries but it´s a tone too high for him. Still, thanks for the tribute... I was thrilled to see you singing a song of mine that is from 25 years ago... And from the bottom of my heart, I hope that 25 years from now a successful partner of the moment will hang a video singing a song of yours so you could be as grateful to life as I am… #respect # companionship # music. "

To Balvin, Alejandro Sanz sent a wink and an olive leaf with a picture of 2006, when he was promoting La Tortura with Shakira and had platinum hair.”My dear Balvin, look what I found... hahaha, I seem to owe you an apology... I didn’t remember my past," he wrote. In less than 12 hours, the post achieved almost 80,000 "likes" and hundreds of comments.

The first to respond was Balvin himself with a "Hehehehehe. I love you, MASTER. ". As for Llane, he said "Here the kid with the long hair. Only respect and admiration for you Master. I will continue rehearsing to someday reach those masterful notes that you achieve in this song. Only good vibes and love for music".

In any case, misunderstanding or not. There is nothing like a good controversy to keep the people on the edge of their sits!