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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Messi: “I hope it's a great World Cup for us”

Por Feco

After his Sunday game, in an Argentine program, Messi was interviewed. When asked what he would like to do when he leaves football, Messi said between smiles that he does not know yet. "Everyone says that it is very difficult and I have no doubt that it will be like that, I would like to do everything I could not do for the profession, I do not know if in Barcelona or Rosario".

Lionel Messi was the protagonist on Sunday both on and off the pitch. With Barcelona, he scored in a 2-0 victory against Athletic, and at night he was the protagonist of an Argentine program called "La Cornisa" where he gave an interview to the journalist Luis Majul. There, the Barça player talked about everything: his children, the growth treatment with hormones, the vomiting he suffered in matches and, above all, the World Cup in Russia that starts in less than 90 days. "In any part of the world, they are waiting for Argentina to be champion so I can be champion, I try to live day to day and not burn stages until June," said the captain of the ‘albiceleste’.

Messi also slipped that Russia could be his last World Cup. "If we are not champions, we will not have another choice but to withdraw from the National Team", he said. And he explained why: "It's a little what we feel all this group that has been playing for the last time, it's what fans have made us feel, it seems that having reached three finals is useless", he added in allusion to the defeat against Germany in the 2014 World Cup and the two losses to Chile in the 2015 and 2016 Copa America editions.

The Barça striker even assured that he cried several times for games like this or for late losses. "For being so close, for believing that we deserved it and not being able to consecrate the dream of an entire country." Those were hard blows, he acknowledged. And when the journalist Majul asked him what he imagines doing on July 15, day of the final in Moscow, he deluded himself with doing what he always dreamed: "To be in that final, win it and lift the Cup. It's a dream and every time a World Cup arrives it becomes stronger".

La Pulga, as the loved player is known, was very open in the interview and spoke about more intimate issues related to his family. "They are the ones that make me forget everything, not only about what is said about the World Cup but about everything related to sports in general. Being with my children and with my wife makes everything else secondary. My first son made me open my head and did not close me only in the profession and in football”, Messi acknowledged. Although he could not stop saying that "obviously I do not like to lose or draw, but I take it differently, there are many more important things than a result".