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Thursday, March 22, 2018

New accusations for reaping against Steven Seagal

Por Damian

We might know him for acting in movies such as The Patriot, Under Siege or even Machete, but the truth is that the also director Steven Seagal is now under the public eye for a very different reason: sexual misconduct. Numerous have been the rumors about the felonies of the artist during the past few months, and just recently two new women have been vocal about it, claiming that Seagal raped them while under the age of 17 and 18, respectively.

These couples of new charges pile up over other accusations of the same sort that the Hollywood legend has received in the not so distant past. Inspired by the #MeToo movement the two “victims” decided to break the silence after years considering to whether or not publicize their accusations.

Both suspected raped woman said to have been involved with Steven Seagal in some point of his/their careers and were assaulted in a work related scenario. The names of the accusers are Regina Simons and Faviola Dadis. The first one met the famous actor while shooting “On Deadly Ground” back on 1994, whereas the second one did it auditioning for a role in a film about Genghis Khan that Seagal was directing. While confessing her side of the story, Regina Simons said that she was invited to Steven´s house for a wrap party and instead she arrived to an empty place. Well, except for Seagal.

“He closed the door and approached me from behind. He started kissing my neck and taking off my clothes. I was in shock. I was completely caught off guard. Seagal was more than twice my size and twice my age. I was not sexually active nor had I ever been naked in front of a man before. I froze.”

On the other hand, Faviola Dadis tells a similar shocking story. In retrospective, she remembers being taken to a hotel room for a private audition with Steven Seagal and feeling a strange vibe about the circumstances. The things got out of control when he asked her to take her clothes off and to kiss him. Furthermore, he allegedly began to touch her vaginal area. So she yelled that the meeting was over and started gathering her belongings, then as she tried to live the premises Steven´s security employee blocked her path, it wasn’t until the artist motioned for him to move that she could live feeling disturbed and violated.

Steven´s representatives have not respond for comments on the matter yet, although the artist himself gave an interview on the right-wing site Infowars, in which he claims that the women who had made accusations against him had been paid to lie.