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Monday, March 26, 2018

Osmel Sousa explains why he left Miss Venezuela

Por Damian

Osmel Sousa spilled the truth regarding his departure from the Miss Venezuela Organization in two long posts on Instagram. He gave details about why he left the contest and defended himself from accusations that stated he had been an active part of the prostitution scandal that forced the contest to close its doors recently.

Likewise, the so-called Tsar of Beauty refrained from saying that the allegations that weigh on the famous factory of queens were truth.

"In times of confusion and irresponsibility, let me be frank, direct and responsible," begins the message of Sousa, who for years moved between Caracas and Miami and is now permanently based in South Florida. "My riches are in memories, my millions are in applause and my greatest satisfaction is the success and projection that the event gave to countless Venezuelan women (unique, special, talented) whom I carry forever in my heart and who are the only ones jewels that I keep in my treasures. "

In retrospective, several journalistic investigations and a book that falls into the genre of fictionalized reality have uncovered the decay behind the beautiful face of Miss Venezuela. "Nobody imagines the pain that it causes me to see the name of Venezuela stained these past few days and see how they intend to destroy achievements and reputations that took years of tireless effort to build," adds Sousa.

Osmel apparently decided to address the issue on his social media account due to the scandal that had been brewing, a fact that analysts and ex-misses have also linked to his departure from the contest. The second heavy reason for it seems to be more personal.

"The treatment and interaction with all the candidates, of course, was not the same, as everyone has their own personality and the attitudes differ… I recognize that some of them may have perceived some flaw in my attitude and I also recognize that´s on me, “he said hours after Miss Venezuela 2013, Migbelis Castellanos, said on Telemundo that Sousa had treated her badly. On the contrary, Alicia Machado, who appeared on the same show with her, defended the Tsar of Beauty.

At 71 years old, Sousa owns a modeling academy in Miami since last year and was looking to open a new one in Caracas. He is not retired. At least now, after his declarations, people got a glimpse to the inside of the Miss Venezuela scandal.