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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Raisman chasing USOC

Por dbloggers

It took Aly Raisman several years to speak about the felonies of the doctor of US Gymnastic team. She will never forget the dirty hands and “lovey-dovey” Larry Nassar who deceived her colleagues and other athletes and acted under “medical treatment” reasons. But her main concern was she thought many times that someone in the US Olympic Committee (USOC) will help her and her friends, she believed that someone will find out and realize about what was going on, but nobody did. She had suffered years of sexual abuse and harassment while magazines, newspaper, and foreign gymnastic praise her; she was living a hell with the stalker in her home.

Raisman’s statement was a declaration of war to tackle down all the directly or indirectly involved ones in the case. Suddenly, USOC chief executive Scott Blackmun resigned for medical reasons, a clear strategy movement to clean up USOC’s name, minimize the implications or at least to save a little the reputation of American Committee after the scandal bomb exploited. USOC chairman, Larry Probst, as soon as Raisnman stated it was the best for Scott and USOC to search for a new direction, immediately addressed some urgent initiatives. Highlighting the words “USOC identify leadership” they spent weeks discussing which would be Scott’s reasons to resign. However, she also remarked Scott’s important work and concern on Larry Nassar’s case who committed sexual violations during decades inside USA Gymnastics Team.

One by one they fell down. After the lawsuit headed by Raisman and after Nassar’s trial, the whole directive board of USA Gymnastics resigned along with the president of Michigan State University. Last Raisman’s allegation said USOC did not give them enough protection and support, USOC was never willing to investigate what was happening or at least to dig up into the issue. Currently, the investigation still continues and has knocked on USOC, USA Gymnastics and Michigan State’s doors after the denounces they knew of Nassar’s “treatment”, the complaints about it were ignored for years. Olympic champions Simone Biles, Gabby Douglas and McKayla Maroney received the same “treatment” too.

Things are changing. Now Aly Raisman is fighting and denouncing what is happening inside the broken system and she is pointing her finger at USOC and other institutions that allowed other girls like her to suffer in their skin sexual abuses. Recently, she said she is completely against the training given to those girls and young athletes who compete in a system that doesn’t protect them. She also thinks she will wait no more for the system to do the things right. She is hopeful that a legal process will change the situation.

Nassar was found guilty to disturb and abuse female gymnastics guising sexual abuses under medical treatment. More than 260 women, including several Olympic gold medalists, were abused by Nassar. At least 200 of them offered testimonies during the hearings in Michigan. Nassar was condemned to up to 300 years in prison for his crimes and to a 60-year term for possession of child-abuse images.

Despite Larry Nassar got sentenced, the most outrageous thing is that USOC, USAG and Michigan State University contribute to a culture of silence, deaf to complaints for years. Thanks to #Metoo, movement several women raised up and many cases were brought to light. As a result, USOC and USAG have announced new reforms to protect their athletes from sexual abuse and have compromised to help with the investigations.