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Friday, March 30, 2018

Robert Mueller is Trump´s nightmare

Por dbloggers

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is a hard working. His time on FBI has helped him to has a lot of investigation tools that now he is putting in practice digging Russia collusion in 2016 election campaign that involve a lot politician on White House and president´s family and business. On May 17, 2017 Mueller was chosen Special Counsel to investigate any links of Donald Trump´s campaign team with Russia. No doubt that the Special Counsel is doing a great job, until now a full list of politicians has been charged and he will go for more. Bad news for Mueller is maybe the president will find the way to kick up him or at least to put away the annoying investigator.

After chased Jared Kusner and call him to his office, Robert Mueller continuous the course of his seeking. This time on his bureau there are documents related Trump Organization and Moscow. Mueller has been back up by Democratic congressional whose believe that indeed the head of the State was dealing with the Russians, including business with a Russian bank that is also under US sanctions. But until now has not been revealed what kind of deal they did or relationships, neither which are the implications for Trump and his business.

Nevertheless special counsel, Robert Mueller subpoenaed the Trump Organization to turn over documents with those maybe he will closer inch to reveals the truth and the president would face an impeachment.

Despite “Donny” said like a child that he doesn´t know anything about deals with Russians, Robert Mueller evidence spoke by themselves. It is not a “witch hunt” like use to say Trump, facts and clues of a possible collusion or at least links with the Kremlin are on Mueller´s bureau.

After called Jared Kushner to his office, Mueller is chasing Ivanka Trump. Some a dirty business has found Special Counsel who is focusing on Trump´s organization one of the branch of Donald Trump empire. Back in time, when Donald first daughter had 24 years old she signed a licensing deal to build the Trump SoHo. Two business men were the partners on the closed business: Felix Sater and Tevfik Arif whose were born in the former Soviet Union. Very lucky Ivanka, doesn’t she? Funny thing is that Sater who has criminal records, save his skin from boiling water many times after become an informant against Mafia and was in touch with Ivanka for made her an arrangement. The Russia émigré bragged many times that he could arrange to open a new property in Moscow with the help of his “friend” Vladimir Putin. In email published by New York Times, Sater remembered how he set for Ivanka Trump to “sit in Putin’s private chair” in 2006. Despite Trump alleged on 2013 that he didn’t know any Felix Sater, her daughter knew him and was on Trump´s organization radar since that time. Supposing that she never told anything about it, it is quite odd that Trump never heard about a guy with Russian ancestry. But he said one time: “I sold a lot of condo units, and maybe somebody from Russia bought a condo, who knows?

And Ivanka never shows the picture´s souvenir of being sat on Putin private chair? Come on!

Nevertheless, SoHo project wasn´t successful as Trump´s family thought. The project was investigated in 2012 by prosecutors of Manhattan district attorney’s office.

SoHo seems a wide open door for Donald´s sons go to a hell´s door. Ivanka and Donald Jr were close to being indicted for cheating and fraud about sales prices of condos in the building. The reports of the case showed how the naughty siblings were conscious that manipulating numbers and information about the condos, seeking purchase better prices. Furthermore, according to the New Yorker, the matter filed as civil lawsuit.

However, the “kids” weren´t indicted by New York district attorney, Cy Vance, who did not moved a finger against Trump´s sons. As a prize for his “benevolence” Marc Kasowitz, a top attorney for the Trump family, donate over $30,000 to Vance’s campaign. Regardless Cy release to press in that time that he was doing the right thing.

Then Mueller is doing the laundry very well or Trump´s family no doubt it is a dysfunctional family who hide everything to the family patriarch or they had learned very well from the old fox. But Trump is fighting like a cat. He argument several times that Mueller has interest conflict referring Mueller´s FBI links and in another hand, he has accused Mueller of crossed the red line digging on his family business.