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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Romeo Santos claims his agent stole him almost half a million dollars

Por Damian

There is a new gossip in the entertainment business that is circulating the web. The King of Bachata, Romeo Santos has declared that his former representative stole almost half a million dollars during his tour Vol. 2 Wold Tour in 2015 which included two concerts in the city of Miami, in Florida.

Anthony Santos (real name of the singer) has not remained idle and filed a lawsuit in a court in New York against Ángelo Medina Mercado and his company Publimagen de Asesores Inc, in order to recuperate the disputed money which is estimated at $ 481,146, plus interest. The lawsuit indicates that Medina, manager of Santos since 2010, was in charge of reserving the places and negotiating the payments of the presentations in different cities of the United States. As part of his duties, the representative had to receive the profits obtained, keep the 10 percent that corresponded to him by right and distribute the rest as the singer said it. In this last point is that the demand is centered.

Romeo Santos declares that Medina had to send to his record company Sony Music Entertainment the amount of $ 481,146 for the fees corresponding to the performances that were held from June 10 to July 12, 2015 in 11 cities in the United States and Canada. "Although the defendants received the money earned by Santos in connection with the June and July 2015 concerts, in violation of the agreement, the defendants have not sent any payment to Sony as Santos indicated and ordered," says the submitted paper in the court.

In retrospective, Medina is a famous Puerto Rican manager of artists who has represented celebrities such as Ricky Martin, Maná and Draco Rosa. Of these, the first to separate from the representative was Ricky Martin in 2004, after a professional relationship of 12 years and several months of dispute in court. The singer sued Medina to recover $ 2.5 million in unearned administration fees, and also claiming unjust enrichment, and violation of contract and fiduciary duty.

The lawsuits ended in October 2004 with a confidential settlement in a court in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Eleven years afterward, in 2015, the band Maná made public their friendly separation with the agent who had represented them for almost a decade.

Born on July 21, 1981, Romeo Santos has already released three albums and takes pride in being a vocalist, songwriter, record producer, actor, and former lead singer of the famous band Aventura.