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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Senator Marco Rubio wants to be close to the people of Venezuela

Por Damian

The current senator from the state of Florida, Marco Rubio, just opened a Facebook page in order to be closer to the people in Venezuela. A tool that he will be also using to communicate directly with Venezuelan dissidents living abroad. The congressman spoke about these and other matters concerning the situation in the Latin American country while launching the digital site.

"One of the things we know is that in Venezuela many people are receiving news directly from Facebook. We have created this Facebook page to communicate directly with the people of Venezuela so that they know what is happening, what the Venezuelan regime is doing and also know about our efforts” said the senator.

As it is known, Rubio is one of the Cuban-American congressmen who actively faces the regime of Nicolás Maduro by supporting the sanctions of the Donald Trump government and disapproving Chavez´s bureaucrats who violate human rights or are involved in acts of corruption.

The senator said that after many months of talking with people inside and outside of Venezuela, he understood that for many of them "the only way they can communicate with the rest of the world and understand a little more about what is really happening in the news is through Facebook. That is why we have created this page, in order to communicate directly and constantly with the people of Venezuela about the reality of what is happening. I know that they are living extremely difficult moments under this dictatorship controlled by Castro in Havana, “he said.

Marco Rubio also mentioned the efforts of the United States to support Venezuelans in their quest “to live in a country that is once again prosperous and free again. That you [the people] can express freely through constitutional and really free elections. "

Another issue the congressman mentioned is the humanitarian aid to Venezuelans and he said that the United States is prepared to provide it and that there is already a group of countries like Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Chile that is ready to act together. "Food, medicine, all these things are ready to enter. We are ready to provide help immediately through entities such as the Catholic Church, which we know will not steal food or medicines that may arrive,” said Rubio.