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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Sevilla FC- Bayern Munich: the giant wants no surprises

Por Jack Leyva

Reedition of the final of 2017, a match between English teams, the surprise team against a big team and the favorite to win with a path that doesn’t seem too difficult. These are the clues we have from the quarterfinals draw of the UEFA Champions League, which will define their semifinalists after thrilling and very balanced games, because the favorites will have to overcome not so simple matches. One of the is the Bayern Munich, which will have to face the Sevilla FC, a team that masters perfectly the strategy of the knockout phase.

After the Andalusians eliminated the Manchester United, no one can say they could not defeat the Bayern Munich, although the German’s superiority is evident. However, the ones from Sevilla will face their games in the quarterfinals with illusion because they have not gotten to this phase in 60 years. On plain sight, the balance inclines to the Bayern’s side because of the great strength of its midfielders and the mighty presence of Lewandowski, Müller and others. Besides, the German champion has improved their level in the European tournament after Jupp Heynckes’ come back as technical manager of the team.

The Sevilla FC did not go that far by mere chance. Their effectiveness in the knockout phase is impressive and they have played several of this kind along their triumphal career in the UEFA Europa League. Their roster is reduced in comparison but they have promising players like Sergio Rico as goalkeeper, Lenglet in the defense, Ever Banega and Nzonzi in the midfield and forwards like Vazquez, Nolito, Joaquin Correa, Ben Yedder and Luis Muriel. Undoubtedly, the ambition of this players works in favor of the team, which has now the great responsibility of playing against a team with many variants to score goals.

For sure it will be a duel far different from the one in the sixteen round, in which the Manchester United did not do much concerning attacks and the performance of its midfielders was far from good. The Bayern Munich is better when it comes to these two aspects. It has talented midfielders with the marked task of breaking up opposition's attacks as well as dispossessing opposing players and others more adept to creating goals. In both cases, they may also help their team's attacks by making runs into the opposition's penalty area and attempting shots on goal themselves. All of these details should be taken into account by Vincenzo Montella, the Italian manager that has taken the Andalusians through this path, because apart from their presence in the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League they will also play for the crown in the Copa del Rey against the FC Barcelona.