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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Snapchat slips up one more time

Por dbloggers

Rihanna is one of the greatest artists in the world. She at the stage is like a queen. Every single show of her is like to touch the stars and fly away through her music and her hips that are the best exactly example of what is a Caribbean girl. But outside the stage, Rihanna live is very different. At least when she was with Chris Brown, the spot lights, cheers and applause was the only thing that calms down her after his boyfriend beat her several times. That tragedy suffering during months was revival by Snapchat app, which used an advertisement with those pictures. The Barbados girl got angry the popular app and she demanded a reward by that.

Snapchat used the pictures to advertise a mobile game called “Would You Rather”. In the ad the popular app did an annoying question that bothered many Rihanna´s fans of. On the pictures they asked to the players what do they prefer a slap of her or punch of him.

As a boomerang the ads hit the head of the owners of Snap chat because around $1bn dollar will be lost after fan criticized and it´s may possible that Snap chat value at stoke market fall. According to some analysts is quite possible that people that use the popular app delete it due to offense Rihanna and domestic violence. The harming gets a lot of connotations in a year where sexual abuse and harassment have been in the middle of the hurricane and women are rising up their voices against any kind of violence. Thus Snapchat ads stocks down a 4 percent and several users. Snap chat is not living his best moment. A controversial redesign plunged shares at stoke market. A design like twitter provoked criticized and lost 1.3bn. Another celebrity that drowned the app was Kylie Jenner who tweeted that she was no longer using the app. The ad and comments inflame other celebrities like Chelsea Clinton, who tweeted: “Awful that any company would approve this.”

Rihanna and Snapchat argued trough social media. The popular singer said that Snapchat executive are clever to allow that kind offense without knowing consequences. She warns that they aren´t dumb, they spent a lot of money in something that they knew it will be an offense and a shame for victims of domestic violence. In another hand the app reply with a brief apology. A spokesperson of Snapchat said it was a regrettable mistake to have the advertisement on their service, and they will take the measures and punish the persons involved on it. As a first step the game was blocked from the platform.

Rihanna several times has been questioned about the facts that happen between her and Chris Brown. On 2015 she said that it wasn´t a subject to sweep under the rug, and she doesn´t have hurt feelings about it, but to reminded the facts it is like to receive a punch of him and nobody who has been victim of domestic violence must be condemned forever. Brown’s attacked Rihanna on 2009. He was sentenced to five years probation and six months of community service.

The Barbadian has won eight Grammy Awards and five Platinum-Certified albums. Her influence on fashion becomes her on an icon worldwide. She also is on the charts of the top ten best artist’s sales. She also is in Guinness book with more than 220,4m in sales. Due to being involved with Rihanna case in June 2010, Brown's application for a visa to UK was rejected. On the ground was write down "being guilty of a serious criminal offence". Thus the tour was to be postponed.