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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Americans loved Havana’s Triathlon

Por Jack Leyva

At least 400 triathletes less than last year participated in the fourth edition of the competition, a significant diminishment in comparison with 2017, when almost 500 triathletes from the United States participated in Havana’s Triathlon. According to the organizers of the event, their government advised some of them not to come to Cuba due to issues with safety but many dismissed the recommendations and still competed in the capital city of Cuba.

Some of them did not hide their pleasure in going through the emblematic sites of Havana, like the sea wall or the National Hotel, representative of all that is good in the Cuban tourism industry nowadays. For instance, Wade Lambert, a journalist of The Wall Street Journal said to the local media that the event had been a wonderful one. “Throughout the competition you get to see historical places in the city and interact with many people from different countries. It is an amazing experience, both from the athletic and the cultural point of view. For us, the North-Americans, to come here gives us the opportunity of knowing something new and I am convinced that this year there were lots of people that wanted to participate and that finally did not do it. Cuba is a fantastic country, this is my third time here, two participating in the race and one for vacation and everywhere I go I am amazed at people’s kindness”, said the 57-year-old triathlete.

Elite competitors, like Sonja Kent or Megan Foley were both in agreement that safety is one the aspects that make Cuba the ideal place to compete with no worries. “I have enjoyed the race very much, I spent most of the way close to a Cuban competitor and she helped me to keep on going, because it was extremely hot and hard but very nice. It is my first time in Cuba and I am very surprised. Everyone is extremely outgoing and helpful. I find that I love this friendly personality that characterizes the Cuban people and I will be back for sure. I have felt safe at all times, I even went alone for cycling practice sometimes and beyond the normal fear for doing it in the traffic I did not feel any worries”, said Sonja, a 26-year-old triathlete.

Foley, that had already participated in other editions of Havana’s Triathlon, said that it was another fun experience and that she thinks that the event has grown in comparison to other times. “Before we only competed in the Marina Hemingway and now the race has taken other roads and we finished in a very beautiful place like the National Hotel and all of this has helped us to feel better and enjoy more. I really like coming to Cuba and I would advise anyone that could come and participate in the event to do it and see the country’s reality for themselves”.