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Friday, March 30, 2018

The President, the spy

Por qubano22005

After reading and rereading the press, I have no doubts. As much as I think it's a crazy idea, I'm about to believe that Donald Trump is a Russian spy. Maybe Trump is the revenge of the Russians by the United States undermine the Soviet Union with Mikhail Gorbachev who leaves the country and sinking the powerful rival of US in feeble and poorest country. Why do I say that, because the evidence is growing that Donald Trump, even though he denies it, has very close ties with the Russians. In this tragedy, there has been everything. Loans of money, flattery on both sides, but above all a lot of darkness in certain matters to clarify yet.

In one hand there is the supposed meeting with Russian diplomats that Putin's son-in-law and members of his electoral committee had, where supposedly nothing was discussed balancing the elections in favor of Donald Trump. In addition, there are the business ties of the president's son-in-law with Victor Gorkov, a banker with links to the Russian government. Recently, Ivanka Trump has been called to present documents about the Trump Organization's businesses in which there is some obscurity, especially because of its proximity to two investors of Soviet origin, one of whom claims to have helped the daughter of the president to obtain Russian government permits to even sit in Putin's private chair.

Thus, and although many think it is a crazy idea, one of the beneficiaries of Russia collusion was Donald Trump. So I wonder, why did Russian wants Donald Trump will seize with power? By another hand several times the president of the United States try to get rid of people that are investigating Russian interference, he did with Comey and several times with Mueller. When common sense pointed that he must help the Justice Department to disclosure of Russiangates.

Furthermore, Special Counsel Robert Mueller indicted 13 Russian citizens involving in the case. Now a new record shows up. Investigative reporters Michael Isikoff and David Corn reveal that Trump and Vladimir Putin have been partners for years. According Corn and Isikoff strongest business links it is one of the causes of Russians helped the Republican candidate.

But this matter does not end there. On more than one occasion Donald Trump has expressed his admiration for Vladimir Putin. In 2013 he wished to be a close friend of Vladimir Putin. Another interesting fact is that since 1987 he visits Moscow with the intention of building Trump Towers in the Russian capital. Donald Trump is a businessman and knows the potential of the Russian capital as an economic, tourist and stock exchange center. Beyond a brilliant political career of which he is aware he knows nothing, he wants to increase his capital and consolidate his real estate assets.

In addition, more and more Russian investors are interested in acquiring real estate and investing in New York, the city that saw him grow as a businessman and in which he is highly respected. Therefore, Donald Trump takes good care of their patrimonial interests and it is not to doubt then that in exchange for "certain favors" has become the blind eye or is part of the Russian interference in the elections that eventually allowed their victory. In addition, Trump's congratulation to his counterpart Vladimir Putin has been a trending topic.

According to outlets sources, both leaders held a telephone conversation. Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump expressed in a telephone conversation their satisfaction at the easing of tension on the Korean peninsula, the Kremlin said.