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Monday, March 19, 2018

The PSG will have to change its way to invest

Por Fidel Orihuela

It will take some time for the fans of the most universal of sports to forget the season in which the PSG, after spending more than 200 million euros in the signing of just one player and 400 hundred more in just a few reinforcements, could not even get to the quarter finals of the UEFA Champions League. That is how we can briefly summarize the season of the Parisian club, which could maybe win the Ligue 1 and any other trophy in France but will drag its continental loss.

In 2017 they suffered the most painful remount to be remembered in the history of soccer with that 6-1 facing the FC Barcelona in the Camp Nou. Now they were mercilessly eliminated by the Real Madrid, a team that, in spite of not being at its best, could take advantage of a team with no identity or strength. In both stadiums, the team managed by Unai Emery sunk to the bottom with no excuses because even with Neymar playing they could not surpass the Real Madrid in the playoffs.

If someone has been truly marked with these losses has been Emery, who could not find the right formula to motivate his players and counteract the strategies of Zinedine Zidane in spite of having a numerous roster full of very good players. Emery, a winner of the Europa League with the Sevilla is now hanging from a very thin thread, as he is being questioned by the fans and the board of the club, who couldn’t understand his decision of ending the play-offs without the wonderful Kylian Mbappe, whose contract was of 180 million euros, to put in his place a Lass Diarra, a defensive midfielder that has seen better times.

The only explanation for this movement is that was made to avoid a high number of goals from the Real Madrid. It showed that the PSG is actually a club with no winning identity, far from other great European competitors. Although lots of money has been spent in all the positions of the team, we missed good performances from the defense, intensity in the midfield and the forwards did not show the ambition that we were expecting from them, some details that show that money can buy talent but it does not guarantee titles. Facing the future, the PSG faces the alternative of spending more money and eventually seeing the end of the purse (something that does not exist for the Arab sheiks) or moderate the investments, focusing in hiring players that will contribute to the team without worrying for individual shine.