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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Trump begging money to a prince

Por qubano22005

United States presidents it could be so disgusting and with bad manners that sometimes I asked myself how he seized US presidency. Now Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s visited Washington and first image broadcasting on National TV is Donald Trump like a hawker selling guns to the future king. Far from showing some of the wonders of Washington or America trades with countries of the area, Donald Trump offered him a long list (pictures and prices included) of arms. No doubt “Donny” blondy boy is a good salesman but diplomatic. A degrading public image of US. It seems that he was begging money or helps from Arabian Saudi Kingdom.

On his explanation, Trump illustrated to the prince that with the sale of those guns, over 40.000 employs will generate and America economy will receive an injection. The total amount is around $700bn dollars. In his unethical speech, he spoke about how Barack Obama almost lost the ties between both countries, just for supported the nuclear agreement with Iran. It´s quite known that Saudi kingdom is the declared enemy of Iran in the area. So is good for US that Arabia Saudi has bought a lot arms to keep the geopolitical balance in the region.

The president of the United States also refers about some change in the kingdom praising Mohamed´s father choice saying that he took a wise decision. Prince Mohammed is on tour in U.S. to improve relationships with Washington and to tackle Arabia public opinion about their conservatives social mores like the unequal treatment of women and military campaign in Yemen. His Majesty adds that they have more than 80 years of relationships and mutual political, economic and security interests.

Despite has a foe called Iran, Prince Mohammed dodged a question about Iran deal. Indeed he was most interested in to seeking closer economic ties and new opportunities for both countries than to speak about the agreement. He sentenced: “The opportunities are very huge.” As interesting note, Kushner met separately with the prince. Maybe the dinner was a good chance to asking for money. Who knows?

Mohammed bin Salman’s will have three weeks of hard work in US. At his 32-year-old he has big economic plans some of them are meetings with businessmen in New York, tech experts from Google and Apple Inc. and entertainment bigwigs in Los Angeles.

Mohammed bin Salman’s started a battle against corruption in his kingdom that involves some relatives and powerful men. The anti-corruption campaign is netted over $100 billion dollars. Sadly the prince also has led a war against the poorest country in the Middle East: Yemen. Three years of confrontation in a conflict that started when the prince was Ministry of Defense. Bad news it is that thousands of civilians have died thus the war. Regardless wants to change worldwide perception about his government it will quite hard to erase the image of civilians dying due to Saudis´s bombs and guns providers by US. Nevertheless, the kingdom said that probably they opening up ports and they will give $1.5 billion in humanitarian aid.

In the agenda of both leaders is to discuss foreign affairs and relationships with Iran, Russia, besides investments in US companies. Nuclear energy co-operation it will be another issue to discuss. America hopes to help Arabia Saudi acquiring technology to build its own nuclear reactors.

Despite closer ties with US, Saudi foreign minister Adel Al Jubeir declares that they target other countries to improve their relations such us Russia, China, France, South Korea and possibly Japan and it´s pretty possible that they sign co-operation agreements too.