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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Will Barcelona let Iniesta go?

Por Feco

The manchego footballer would be able to close another exceptional campaign, in face of the World Cup in Russia, where he has a guaranteed place and which possibly marks his last great appointment with the national team. It is believed that his destiny lies in China, both for the excellent economic conditions offered by clubs such as Tianjin Quanjian and, also, for the interest he has in introducing his wine business in the Asian country.

Andrés Iniesta surprised Wednesday by leaving open the door of his future at the end of the season, an information that ESPN advanced on Monday, giving an account of the doubts surrounding the Barcelona captain. Thus, after the duel against Chelsea and between his blessings to Lionel Messi, he admitted that he will decide his future "before April 30", not clarifying if he will remain at Barça. And inviting to think that he would have little more than decided his departure. "It's a decision that you'll know after I talk to the club. There are still a few weeks but whatever it is, it will be the most honest ... There are still a few weeks left”, answered Iniesta, calm and resounding in his message.

Last Monday, when the player accelerated in his set-up to play against Chelsea, ESPN already advanced that in parallel to his interest in finishing the season in the best way he began to seriously consider leaving the club at the end of the season, seduced by magnificent offers on the table from the Chinese football and, also, for not seeing clearly his figure in the field after the last Barça operations in terms of signings.

Iniesta became the first Barça player in October 2016 to sign an indefinite contract but, at the same time, he made it clear that he would never be at Barça on a secondary role, and that as soon as he suspected that he was not vital, he would leave the club. Just five months later, and despite being transcendent in the plans of a Valverde, who has relied on him in an absolute way and even encouraged him to force his recovery in this latest injury he suffered the femoral biceps, the Barça captain seems to understand that, at age 34, an exit through the big door of Barça would be the best solution.

Some analysts also point that the signing of Philippe Coutinho was a first warning in the face of that possible change of role that would await him in the Barça dressing room and the operation of Arthur ended up putting on the table this option to leave Barça. Iniesta marked a deadline until the end of April with the aim of putting both the interests of the team, and have some more time to see the outcome of the season. At the end of April, Barça will have already played the Copa del Rey final against Sevilla and could have the Liga in their hands. Will Barcelona let go one of his symbols?