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Friday, March 9, 2018

Yes, big dreams can become real

Por mayli2017

The young undocumented immigrants who are known in the US by that name or by dreamers, struggle to develop their lives with their families in a country to which they belong and to which they can give so much, that is the point that Francisca Lachapel wants to take to his readers with his book "A queen like you".

Lachapel, on the comments referring to her recent announcement that she is in love, added the young woman who for the moment, although she is radiant with happiness, wanted to keep the name of the person hidden, only affirming that she was a good man. Born in Azua de Compostela, Dominican Republic, Francisca Lachapel, is divorced from interior designer Rocky Lachapel, with whom she was married approximately two and a half years, and resides in Miami.

Francisca Lachapel, presenter and actress of Dominican origin lives a double blessing after the publication of her book "A queen like you" and finding a good man the love of her life. For Lachapel the motivating term is very large, but she says she wants to help.

Speaking to the agency Efe, on the occasion of the sale of "Una reina como tú", the presenter of the Despierta América program of the Univision network, was excited by the good acceptance that this autobiographical book is having.The purpose is not to disclose everything that happened and that the free ends up being her wipe of tears, but that others learn how she did it, and that with determination and faith dreams can be fulfilled.

In the case of Lachapel, the dream was to get where she is today, consecrated as a television presenter after having won the Nuestra Belleza Latina contest in 2015, after a hard and poor childhood in the Dominican Republic and her experience as an immigrant in New York, faced with loneliness and language barriers. Lachapel testifies that there is no comparison between these two stages, that of girl and immigrant, however, with the last one she definitely grew emotionally and became more courageous.

According to the young Dominican, you learn to see the bad situation with hope, not to question certain things, who in her view, the "luck" has influenced that today is one of the leading figures of television in Spanish in the United States. Lachapel does not mind at all that "A queen like you" is labeled as a self-help book, although she emphasizes not being a motivator. According to the presentation text of the publisher who published it, Francisca leads the reader through the labyrinths of a life that, above all, constitutes a surprising proof that even the most beautiful dreams are within the reach of those who dare to fight for them.

In "A queen like you" there are aspects of Lachapel's life that do not make her proud, but that they should appear in it to explain that from each moment, however hard it was, she took a lesson that helped her climb one more small step.Its purpose is for people to understand that it is a natural process to go through hardships and trials to grow in life.