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Sunday, April 15, 2018

13 brothers and one life kidnapped

Por nelisuarezfonseca

The news shook the world, but they said they were innocent. The Californian couple accused of keeping their 13 children locked up and malnourished in their home declared themselves innocent of child abuse, torture and false imprisonment. Prosecutors said the victims were beaten, starved and chained by David Allen Turpin, 57, and his wife Louise Anna Turpin, 49. This tragic event was closely followed by US authorities and the national press.

The marriage faces 12 charges of torture, 12 for false imprisonment, six for child abuse and six for abusing dependent adults. The husband, David, is also accused of committing a lewd act against one of his daughters by force, fear or coercion.

District Attorney Mike Hestrin told a news conference that bail had been set at $ 13 million for each of the defendants. If they are found guilty of all charges, they will face life imprisonment. Hestrin said all the children had been subjected to "prolonged abuse" and had not been allowed to shower more than once a year and were not permitted to see a dentist or doctor.

The Turpins were arrested last Sunday after sheriff's deputies in Perris, southeast of Los Angeles, found several children handcuffed with chains and locks in their home. The raid on the house came after authorities received an emergency call from her 17-year-old sister who had managed to escape. The 13 children are being treated for malnutrition and are undergoing medical examinations.

The story came at a time when the world's leading organizations - as well as UNICEF - must ensure the safety of children, not only outside their homes but also inside. The news shook the whole world months ago, and especially the United States, that home education (known as homeschooling) could be reconsidered. The parents, for their part, assured that they were innocent of all the charges that are attributed to them; soon we will know how the case of this large family evolves.