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Thursday, April 19, 2018

A new committee will lead Miss Venezuela

Por Damian

Looks like we could have a pageant after all! Subsequently a scandal of presumed prostitution and corruption in Miss Venezuela, the contest will be led by an executive committee that replaces the figure of the president and will be integrated by former beauty queens Gabriela Isler, Nina Sicilia and Jacqueline Aguilera.

The new committee is part of the restructuring of the beauty contest and will be the "highest organ of leadership and organization of the event and will be responsible for designing its new strategic plan and process of future evolution", announced recently in a statement the president of Cisneros Media, Jonathan Blum.

Last March, the Cisneros Group, the parent company of the contest, reported that an internal review would be carried out to determine whether during the course of the proceedings the company had "engaged in activities that violate the values and ethics of the event".

"We are very happy that these emblematic professionals have accepted the invitation to join the Miss Venezuela Organization. His extensive experience and knowledge of the world of beauty, in addition to their respective professional fields, will undoubtedly imprint a new stamp on the contest and will allow us to advance steadily towards the evolution we seek", said Blum.

The executive said that the new structure will function as a multidisciplinary team. Sicilia, former Miss International 1995, will be the general manager of Miss Venezuela, in charge of planning the activities of the Caracas headquarters of the contest, the Fifth Miss Venezuela. He will also be in charge of the budgets and financial statements, participate in the staffs selection processes for the organization and ensure the effective implementation of the activities planned for the candidates and winners.

Aguilera, former Miss World 1995, will act as image director, so she will be in charge of the "definition of the image of misses and winners; the identification of the team of stylists, photographers, make-up artists and fashion designers", among other responsibilities.

Isler, former Miss Universe 2013, will be the director of Public Relations and Training, acting as spokesperson for the organization and representative before the various international organizations and franchises, as well as establishing the training plan for the candidates and winners. In addition, she will work with the Vice Presidency of Corporate Social Responsibility of Cisneros in the definition of community service projects.

The Executive Committee will participate in the selection of the candidates for Miss Venezuela and report directly to the Management Committee formed by Jonathan Blum; María Ignacia Arcaya, Vice President of Corporate Responsibility of Cisneros; César Linares, VP of Finance at Venevisión; María Inés Loscher, vice president of Legal Affairs of Venevisión; and Gabriela Isler, Director of Public Relations and member of the Executive Committee.