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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Arnold Schwarzenegger recovers from his surgery

Por Damian

The actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger continues his recovery after being exposed, last Friday, to an open-heart emergency procedure that was all over the news headlines. Still admitted to the Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, California, the 70-year-old star keeps his good humor and attitude, reported El Nuevo Herald website.

In statements made to the TMZ portal, Schwarzenegger´s friend and screen partner Sylvester Stallone said: "He's a strong guy and he'll come out of this better than ever,”. The actor also expressed his intention to visit the former governor of California during his rehabilitation.

When asked about the fondness of both performers for the cigars, Stallone, of 71 years old, was honest and doubted that neither of them would leave the vice despite the recent surgery: "The cigars are like breathing, things you can´t leave" , he assured. Meanwhile, Schwarzenegger's family, his ex-wife Maria Shriver and three of their children, Patrick, Katherine and Christina, went together on Sunday to hear the religious service in the Brentwood neighborhood (Los Angeles, USA), where they reside.

Schwarzenegger suffered complications during a planned operation to change the aortic regulator that had been implanted 20 years ago. The medical team was prepared to operate quickly on an open heart procedure, in case of failure of the spare part. According to the former governor´s team the intervention lasted several hours. By the time it was done, the action hero woke up saying: "I'm back", in reference to that "I'll be back” phrase in Terminator (1984) that he made popular.

The surgery comes during one of the most active moments of Schwarzenegger's career, one he resumed after being Governor of California for 8 years (2003-2011). As it was confirmed by Schwarzenegger in TheArnoldFans, a website dedicated to his followers, the so-called "governor" will return to the role of the robot T-800 in Terminator 6, a film that had foreseen the beginning of filming next June.

According to Schwarzenegger, Tim Miller will be the director and James Cameron, creator of the franchise and personal friend will supervise "in some way". He also said he was working on making The Mercenaries 4 happen. In the same statements, made in March, confirmed the script of King Conan, film related to another of its most popular franchises.

Despite of being an example of health and physical strength, Schwarzenegger has suffered other problems that have led him to the hospital. In 2001 he broke several ribs after a motorcycle accident. He also received a hip operation in 2003 and three years later broke the right femur in an accident.