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Monday, April 23, 2018

Barbara Bush is called an unpleasant drunk after her death

Por Damian

Once again a post in social media creates a stir and polemic! Roger Stone, a Republican strategist and advisor for years to the US President Donald Trump, insulted former First Lady Barbara Bush, who died last Tuesday in Houston, by pointing out that she was an "unsavory drunk", reported El Nuevo Herald.

"Barbara Bush drank so much that if she is being incinerated, her body would burn for three days", he wrote in his Instagram account on the same day as the death of the wife of former President George H.W. Bush (1989-1993).

The comment has provoked the reaction of the Republican Party of Okaloosa County, Florida, which desisted from an invitation they had made to Stone for their annual dinner by rejecting his "derogatory" comments.

This organization "strongly rejects these statements and we have made the decision to end our contract with Mr. Stone for our Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner", said Mark Franks, director of OCREC. "I thought it would be entertaining (to invite him), but for me this went over the top", he said.

In the same sense and using his Twitter account, the Florida congressman Matt Gaetz, noted that Stone should not insultedthe former first lady. The Okaloosa County Republican Party lamented last Tuesday the death of Bush, at 92, whom they described as a "prominent woman."

Bush´s death was recently lamented by the Okaloosa County Republican Party, whom they defined as a "prominent woman." The funeral service of former first lady Barbara Bush will be held this Saturday at the Episcopal Church of St. Martin in Houston, where she and her husband attended regularly. President Trump will not attend the funeral, but his wife Melania will go on his behalf.

The White House explained that Trump has decided not to attend the funeral to avoid "interruptions" due to the massive security device that always accompanies the president. Barbara Bush, who is known as well for being the mother of former president, George W. Bush (2001-2008), had long suffered from a chronic pulmonary obstruction, which affected her cardiac capacity, which had led her to be admitted on numerous occasions over the past few years.

When she was 16, on Christmas holiday, Barbara met George Bush at the Round Hill Country Club in Connecticut. Back then George was a student at Phillips Academy in Massachusetts. After one and a half year, the two became betrothed to be wed, just before he departed to World War II as part of the Navy.