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Friday, April 20, 2018

Chávez Jr. will return to the ring in June or July


The former world middleweight champion, Julio César Chávez Jr., reappeared on social networks and announced that he will return in June or July, and took advantage of the showcase to say he did not believe the issue of meat contaminated with Canelo Álvarez, although he acknowledged he is a good fighter.

"My next fight I think will be in June or July, I'm waiting for them to tell me and talk to confirm me, but I'm already training and I gained a lot of weight. I've been losing weight, I have not had a fight, there was not a good fight, but it's time, I was not convinced if I was going to fight again or not, but I decided to fight again in my weight", said Chávez on Instagram Stories. When asked about Canelo, he first criticized him, then said he recognized his quality.

"I do not think meat is the problem, they can see his body, his character, the way he reacts when someone says something to him." I think Canelo was very obvious in his behavior, his character, how he was so rude to the coach Golovkin, Abel Sanchez, people who know about steroids, know that Canelo is using something, but I do not think that is the reason why Canelo is a good fighter, he deserves all the credit in the world”, Chávez said

The Japanese Kenichi Ogawa was suspended for six months after the positive on the previous match against the American Tevin Farmer, and thanks to this he will be unknown by the International Boxing Federation and stripped of his junior lightweight title of the body, a place that was vacant when he had won it last December. Ogawa's case was added to that of Canelo Álvarez on Wednesday in the Nevada Athletic Commission, and thanks to the fact that he accepted his responsibility for the consumption of this substance, although it was not intentional, the sanction expected was reduced from one year to six months, retroactive to the fight in December.

Once the IBF received confirmation of the suspension order and the result change, IBF president Daryl Peoples told ESPN the organization will strip Ogawa of his world title belt. It was known that with Ogawa facing a suspension, the IBF earlier this month had ordered Farmer, and former featherweight world titlist Billy Dib (43-4, 24 KOs), 32, of Australia, to fight for the interim title.