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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Colin Farrell to find shelter in rehab

Por MRod

Back in 2017, Colin Farrell would say: “It is certainly not abnormal what I went through, sadly. It is pretty much a garden variety tale of an addict, I suppose". Recently, it was known by a British media that the famous actor wants to enter a rehabilitation center in the United States to avoid consuming again, after a period that put him to test.

Irish actor Colin Farrell voluntarily joined an addiction rehabilitation center in the United States last week. The interpreter, protagonist of The Lobster and Last call, has been sober for 12 years and has taken the decision as a preventive measure to avoid "falling back into the rabbit hole" and return to consume, as the British tabloid Daily Mail advanced on Tuesday. The actor began to feel "overwhelmed" after a year of hard work, in which he finished shooting three films. According to a source in Farrell's environment who confirmed to the British publication, the interpreter began to feel the "impulse" to return to consume.

The Hollywood star, then, decided to seek professional help before "ending badly". "We all know that Colin is an addict, for 12 years he has remained sober," said the same source, who added: "Another week and he could have begun to consume again." Farrell, 41, struggled with his addictions for more than a decade until 2005, when after the filming of Miami Vice, he decided to start treatment. The interpreter would later confess that he was "out of control". International media reflected that after this troublesome series, Collin had expressed: “I didn’t want to die. But I didn’t want to live”. No wonder why he’s considering asking for help again before falling to that darkness again.

The protagonist of the second season of the series True Detective entered a luxury rehabilitation center in Arizona, United States. The Meadows clinic, where a month of treatment can cost 36,000 dollars (almost 30,000 euros). As it shows on its website, “The Meadows exists to resolve your unresolved emotional trauma”. It also reads that its model is “unparalleled in producing successful outcomes for recovery and a proven vanguard for treating trauma and addiction”.

There you can go horseback riding, practice yoga and Tai Chi, receive acupuncture treatments and participate in meditation sessions. The center offers a 45-day treatment for people with addictions, who have been baptized as Gentle Path. In the institution, famous among celebrities, the golfer Tiger Woods, the model Kate Moss, the singer Selena Gómez and the actor Kevin Spacey were also treated.