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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Cowboy Willie Falcón Can be Deported to Cuba

Por qubano22005

Willie Falcon thought he would stay in the United States, or at least that's what his family and he believed when he finished his sentence. He imagined that, like other Cubans who have been convicted of serious crimes in American, he would remain in the “land of dreams”. However, the decision of the Court denied that he remains in the United States and after 20 years in prison the cocaine cowboy in Florida will return to Cuba. It is not yet known what determination the communist authorities will have, the truth is that Falcon will have to get back to his homeland, which for many is in itself a prison under the Castro’s regime.

Willie's fears of being extradited are not unfounded. According to police and journalist sources, the ex-convict for money laundering linked to drug trafficking financially supported subversive activities against the island's government. In the archives, it is reported that he paid for weapons, training and covert plans to assassinate the former leader Fidel Castro. In contrast, an according to Falcon’s family, the CIA supported many of these plans and now turns its back on him.

Willie's lawyers, in their pleadings, have used these links with the Agency to exonerate him and prevent his deportation, but it was in vain. The immigration judge handling the case has rejected the lawyers' request of Willie’s staying in the country under the UN Convention against Torture, which stipulates that the signatory nations should not transfer a person to another one where there are reasons to believe that they will be tortured. But, there are strong reasons and an anti-Castro quite extensive background to think that Willie will be a cowboy hunted by Havana regime. However, despite the refusal of the judge, Willie will not be deported ipso facto.

Falcon’s immigration attorneys still have legal recourse to appeal the decision of immigration judge Agnelis Reese, who has a denying petition, such as Falcon's, and ordering deportations’ history. They also hope they could use some of the information revealed by Falcón, who at the hearing said that together with Sal Magluta, another cocaine cowboy donated large sums of money to the CIA so that a group of Cuban exiles could carry out actions against the Cuban leader in the ‘90s. Willie's statements have been corroborated in police files and sources from the investigative agencies.

Willie Falcon’s testimony, however, is a sword of Damocles, because if deported to Havana, President Raul Castro could consider him a danger to national security. The pro-government Cuban newspaper Granma has for years published articles that link Willie to the execution plans of Fidel Castro, and then is almost certain that Cuba’s State Security Department has a fairly "attractive" file on the cowboy.

Falcon, 62, born in Cuba, will not be as lucky as those others 28,000 Cuban citizens convicted of serious crimes in the US who were not been deported because Washington did not resume diplomatic relations with Havana until 2015.

Falcon and Magluta operated for years in Florida known as “the Boys”. Their empire as representatives of the Medellin and Cali cartels allowed them to amass a fortune that even served to evade justice through bribes on more than one occasion. Their operations within Florida were a daily headache for federal authorities who saw the escalating violence and cocaine circulation