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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Donald Trump, a peddler soul

Por qubano22005

I would like the end of Donald Trump's term to come, not so much because of the crazy and incongruous measures he takes, but because finally the amount of money that he will accumulate once the end of his presidential term has come to an end will be known.

Perhaps when this happens he will devote himself to instead of real estate business, to the arms business. Donny knows well the huge profits generated by the war industry and although he says otherwise, some tips have been taken for his efficient services. The companies Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing, General Dynamics, just to mention, are some who should thank the New Yorker for his love of American First, which implies war and more war to maintain hegemony.

Donny already demonstrated his abilities to sell weapons. When Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Salman visited the White House, the blond himself gave a comprehensive explanation of the destructive power of his weapons. Without a doubt, he is a good salesman and publicist. When Mohammad Salman left, Washington approved sales agreements of 12,500 million dollars for contracts with Saudi Arabia, its ally in the Arabian Peninsula.

It is not strange, therefore, that since his arrival to the White House he has promoted wars and especially the discord between nations, under the pretext of imposing democracy to sell arms precisely to those who can buy them. He knows well the war industry that had relapsed in 2015 is now experiencing a boom again. The president had already shown his concern to increase investment in the country’s defense. After assuming the position of Commander in Chief, the defense costs will take more than 600,000 million dollars of the budget, a 10% more.

Why attacking Syria?

The interests of Donald Trump and the United States are obviously at stake, particularly the armament industry’s millions of dollars that would be lost if there is no one to attack. During the Syria attack without the Congress’ consent it cost more than 100 million dollars to destroy two targets in Homs and one in Damascus. In order to have a minimum idea the 66 Tomahawk cruise missiles fired represented a cost of 92.4 million dollars, each one has an estimated cost of 1.4 million dollars.

Meanwhile, Lockheed Martin Extended Range Air Attack Missiles (also called JASSM) have a cost similar to the Tomahawk, that is, about 1.4 million dollars. About 19 missiles with these characteristics were fired. Likewise, to attack the Arab country, strategic bombers B-1B Lancers were used, whose price oscillates at approximately 70,000 dollars per flight hour. So far, the cost of the rockets used against the nation of Al Assad amounts to 119 million dollars.

Such amount of money has thrilled investors who see increases in the values of the companies Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon and General Dynamics. The war against Syria, a few days after the attack, has caused the actions of the cruise missile maker Tomahawk Raytheon to rise up to 2.1 percent. While in Damascus the victims of the attacks are mourned and the government accounts to try to rebuild the destroyed infrastructure, on Wall Street military contractors such as General Dynamics and L3 Technologies exceeded the 40% threshold, Boeing revalued by 38% in this same period and Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Raytheon had a 20% profit. According to these figures, the global balance of these increases is a revaluation of 28% in S&P Aerospace & Defense Select Industry Index for the last year.

Investors on Wall Street will continue the feast with the rise in values of Raytheon, specializing in missiles and radars. Meanwhile, Lockheed Martin, ranked as the largest defense contractor in the United States, rebounds a capitalization of 77,400 million dollars. On the other hand, Boeing is also enhanced and its B-52 bombers and the Apache and Chinook helicopters will acquire higher prices. General Dynamics is another of the companies that will be capitalized, after the attacks the profits were increased by 56,000 million dollars. Its product portfolio includes combat tanks and surveillance systems.

Donald Trump saves, on one hand, by suppressing the costs of Education, Social Programs, Culture and Environment, but plans to increase, in the other hand, the budget of the Department of Defense by 9.0 percent. Even George Ferguson, senior analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, is convinced that arms companies will continue to strengthen as long as Trump continues his war crusade.