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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Gloria Estefan defends the limitations on firearms in the US

Por Damian

The famous singer Gloria Estefan has responded with a clear message to the criticism she has received after supporting the student Emma González, one of the most noticeable faces of the movement in favor of bigger restraints on firearms in the United States. The performer used her Instagram account to address the matter in a direct way.

"Do not be mistaken by thinking that I don’t have opinions about things that affect us all in the world or that I will remain silent for convenience," said the vocalist in response to a person who suggested that she should dedicate herself to singing instead of supporting a "communist".

With only 18 years old, Emma Gonzalez, 18, a student with Cuban origin, survived the massacre at the school in Parkland, Broward County and spoke last Saturday at the March for Our Lives that brought hundreds of thousands of followers of the #NeverAgain movement. "I also support Emma," Estefan wrote on the social network. "Our brave young people are trying to make our beautiful country a safer and better place. I support them 100%”.

Although many of her followers applauded her, some were offended by echoing voices from the right that have accused Emma Gonzalez of promoting communist ideas and of being "indoctrinated" by the radical left. Emma has been also criticized by radical conservatives for wearing an olive green jacket with a patch with the Cuban flag during the student march in Washington D.C.

"That girl has no idea of anything and said a million things in her speech that are not true, but people like Gloria Estefan are applauding her and making her famous. I do not dance another conga, "wrote someone on the social media.

To that, Estefan replied: "that girl was one of the many young people who had to face an automatic weapon and see the bodies of their friends destroyed by bullets. She is trying to help so that this does not happen again, so you can dance whatever you want. I do not care".

Last week, Estefan's Rhythmn is Gonna Get You with the Miami Sound Machine was selected to be preserved as a cultural treasure of the US at the Library of Congress.