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Saturday, April 21, 2018

How deep is Robert Mueller's big-mouthed source?

Por qubano22005

Everyone remembers how the Watergate scandal began. It not only marked a milestone in journalism, but also in the presidential history of the United States of America. The Republicans exerted espionage to the fellow democrats in order to obtain secret information and to perhaps discredit them. John Edgar Hoover had recently died but his old practices remained.

A man behind the scenes, however, was unveiling that secret that involved Richard Nixon himself and other members of his government. Mark Felt fulfilled his commitment to the institution that saw him grow professionally: FBI. Today, Robert Mueller, bare-chested, intends to unmask Donald Trump.

The New York tycoon during his campaign was responsible for discrediting his opponent Hillary Clinton bringing up in the presidential debates private details and dirty secrets. The blond New Yorker demoralized the former first lady on national television every time she appeared on camera. The United States, a Puritan nation, could not allow a woman to exercise power, more if she had so many secrets, several of them regarding National Security violations.

That's how Donald Trump came to the White House. But his house of cards has begun to collapse. From the very beginning of his administration the denunciations about a possible collusion with the Russians made that immediately, as in the times of Felt, the FBI took matters into their own hands. It was then when "Donny" made his first mistake: he fired James Comey, number one of the most prestigious police force on the planet.

Due to the incident, a man would take care of the investigation: Robert Mueller. The Special Counsel, like Mark Felt, has had no rest, but Donald Trump either. Coincidentally, Mueller was director of the FBI and his old research ways remained fruitful every day. New secrets have come to the surface. His commitment to the agency and especially to the nation has caused more than one hiccup to "Donny" Trump.

A question assails however. Who is Mueller's big-mouth source? Nobody knows and we hope it won’t be as Felt’s case that the source was revealed years after. However, it is very nice to imagine that at least someone wants to get Trump out of the White House. The secret files are being put together as compact chips of a puzzle that Muller is expected to assemble before 3 years.

Piece 1

The FBI is informed that the Russians have been responsible for plotting with the president to take him to the presidential chair. The director of the FBI ex - expelled. Robert Mueller, announced as Special Counsel, continues the investigation. During his inquiry, Trump's son-in-law calls his offices. He confirms openly a secret. The president's campaign team actually had a meeting with Russian official, Natalia Veselnitskaya.

According to press reports and what has been published so far, the meeting that took place at Trump Towers was precisely held to learn about Hillary's secrets. However, this was never achieved. Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, who already had their suits on fire by Mueller’s flame, were also called to declare before Jared. Numerous federal crimes were proved on them and, although the links with the Russians have not been demonstrated so far, it still remains undetailed the various bank accounts with unknown origins and destinations.

Another heavyweight of the presidential team that was knocked out by default was the then Presidential Adviser, Steve Bannon. Apparently, he resigned because of the scandals that happened after the death of a girl due to racism. However, Steve, although he did not know about Manafort and Jared's meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, excommunicated his sins in the book Fire and Fury inside The Trump White House, where he testified that it was treason. Nevertheless, perhaps the reason why Bannon quickly escaped the burning "House" was bypassing Inquisitor Robert Mueller. His sudden resignation still has the analysts open-mouthed. Something similar happened with Mark’s enemies.

Piece 2

Robert Mueller reveals that 13 Russian citizens have been involved in the possible plot along with some American technology companies, several of them with the best cyber-security specialists in the world, which were hacked as the crudest third-world companies, fact that still raises too many suspicions from experts and analysts of the informatics world. The conspiracy took shape in social networks and Intel errors.

Piece 3

The links of Ivanka, the daughter of Trump, with Russian businessmen and investors are discovered by Mueller. Weeks before, her husband's ties with officials, governors and businessmen from other countries, had been verified due to their corporate debt. Because of the danger to the United States, Jared Kusnher’s access to confidential information and tops secrets is restricted.

Piece 4

A new character begins to collaborate with Rober Mueller, George Nader, an Emirates ex-adviser. He confirms that he effectively provided money for people in the United States, several of them politicians, to discredit the Democratic Party and especially its candidate. . Nader gave 2.5 million dollars to Elliott Broidy, who through a Canadian company raised money for Donald Trump’s campaign.

Piece 5

Trump's ties with Moscow long before he seized power are unveiled. Trump’s chief lawyer, John Dowd, mysteriously resigns after the reorganization of the legal team of the president. Dowd never stopped saying that the investigation should stop. He was also accused of wanting Mueller's dismissal although he clarified that this never happened.

Piece 6

Trump arbitrarily dismisses Andrew McCabe, deputy director of the FBI. He was called to Mueller's office as a significant witness in the underway investigation of the Special Counsel. True or not media reports that Andrew has a lot of memos and notes about Trump and James Comey met with him.

As happened during Nixon's administration, several clues and tests are in the air. However, in particular, I consider the Russians’ issue is a smokescreen that has been launched to call American citizenship’s attention away from what really matters. Nixon did it. Several proven facts could be instrumental to understand what is happening. First of all, the plot really occurred through the social networks. However, it was not the Russians but the presidential team that hired Cambridge Analytics to sniff out 50 million profiles.

The other stinking fact is the corruption that exists within the White House. The president's nepotism is the closest link to the corruption that may be prevailing. Donald Trump possibly, and Mueller will prove it, pretended to come to Washington to move influences in favor of his businesses. Already the Jared’s scandal manifests it and, although he has received a baby treatment, there is even more to know. From my point of view, as a reader, Mueller’s speed and effectiveness really surprises me.